The Akron has something that makes the label “modern tavern” sound very consistent with the space.

In Ladadika, in one of its most beautiful corners, whoever finds himself there, and even from the first moment, feels very familiar.

Is it the decoration? Is it the people who work there or the dishes that steal hearts? It’s probably a combination of all of these.

The glasses hanging from the large bar, the colors that match so beautifully, the plants and the music, all these make the place unique.

A restaurant with the intimacy of a tavern

With its own finesse, every detail in Akron, it straddles the fine line between the restaurant – in terms of its meticulous cuisine, and its utterly gracious service, and has the intimacy and immediacy of the tavern that has that unpretentious beauty.

Special mention to the Akron staff – a thoroughly professional and ‘well-tuned’ service, so polite as to serve flawlessly, and so unobtrusive as to not be intrusive.

The music program is somewhere between classical folk and light folk – and you will always enjoy it on Fridays and Saturdays.

A Greek homemade… gourmet menu

There are many details that define gourmet and home-cooked Mediterranean food, and at Akron these lines intersect masterfully in its dishes.

The menu has so many options that reflect the renaissance of Greek cuisine, with traditional Greek products, the experience of the chefs and their vision as a point of reference.

And what can we recommend? A special mention definitely goes to his meats, which starts from simple burgers and reaches a delicious juicy RibEye!

For extra suggestions, be sure to order piazza beans, sweet and sour celery, citrus and anchovy marinade sauce, roasted mastello and rooster breast with celeriac puree, spinach saute with ginger and orange sauce, but also white tarama mousse with olive oil, fresh lemon and crispy Arabic pie.

Enjoy the food with live music every Friday and Saturday.