Arc Espresso Wine Bar is one of the most stylish bars in Thessaloniki, having stood out for its unique design, its excellent wine cellar, but above all for its people.
Its story begins at the end of August 2014 when a group of friends decided to create a bar that would have nothing to envy of its counterparts abroad, a bar for every moment of the day, that would offer its customers exactly what they wanted themselves from a bar – moments of affordable luxury, with high-end drinks and cuisine, in a “warm” and welcoming environment.
The goal became a reality and now Arc is one of the most loved destinations for entertainment in the city.

From the morning for coffee and brunch

Arc Espresso Wine Bar opens its doors in the morning, offering us the opportunity to start our day with our favorite coffee, from an excellent blend, with a rich aroma and silky texture.
Of course, to start our day in the best possible way, Arc has made sure to offer us a multitude of options for brunch.
Poached eggs, pancakes, club sandwich, pasta, pizza, salads and bao buns, are just some of the options you are given for a rich brunch, full of delicious flavors and aromas, served with elegance and style.

Ideal place for a lunch break from work
One of our favorite habits when we’re in the downtown area is having lunch at Arc Espresso Wine Bar. Do not hesitate to try the burgers, the excellent beef, as well as the juicy chicken fillet, combined with the salad of your choice. Absolutely satisfying and cooked with excess mastery by Arc’s talented chef.

A popular cocktail spot

At Arc Espresso Wine Bar, cocktails are not a simple affair. On the contrary, they make sure to offer us creations of high standards, through the expertise of its specially trained bartenders.
In fact, every 6 months the list of signature cocktails is renewed, with the help of well-known partners in the field, creating in essence small taste surprises, which you will find impossible to resist.

A favorite courtyard of the center of Thessaloniki

The courtyard of Arc definitely needs a special mention, since at its tables you will see people of all ages, enjoying the sun with the accompaniment of delicious dishes and impressive cocktails served at their tables. Conversations, smiles and unique moments in a completely modern urban environment.
Don’t forget to combine your coffee, food or drink with your favorite hookah flavor, for an oriental intoxicating note in your day.

Bars are their people

Certainly, bars are not just “buildings” and spaces that host patrons. Bars are their people, something that the Arc team fully embraces, even having it as their motto.
Here, the team of waiters will welcome you with smiles and warmth, each with their own unique style and personality, but always with sincere courtesy in the foreground.

Events and happenings

Every day on the decks of Arc you will find dj’s setting the pulse from the early afternoon with more relaxed rhythms, while they manage, when it starts to get dark, to raise the mood of the patrons and fill the bar with energy, entering a dance mode. Something truly unique, which you will hardly find anywhere else.
At the same time, its two outstanding annual events have now become established in the city – the Arc’s birthday party which takes place in early September, but also its Christmas illumination around the end of November! Here you will feel the whole bar becoming one group, with extremely positive vibes and countless smiles. It is not by chance, after all, one of the most beloved bars in the city…