“Arodo”. A tavern in Nea Krini, which opened a few years ago and nevertheless won the hearts of the residents and patrons from all over Thessaloniki. Its name borrowed from a nautical term, used for the temporary stop of a ship outside a port, prepares you for what comes next.

It has been operating since the summer of 2016 in a quiet coastal area overlooking the sea and promises one of the most delicious journeys in the world of fresh fish and seafood.

In a beautifully decorated environment, where the white color prevails on the tables and the olive color on the walls and which is reminiscent of a ship – the sconces on the walls look like deck lights, on which nautical knots have been tied and in various places you can see ship portholes – the appetizers from Smyrna dominate the menu and your table, while its outdoor area is a step before the sea.

Based on pure and excellent quality fresh ingredients – the starting point for every honest effort in the field of cooking – this tavern, which is more reminiscent of a restaurant with a strong maritime atmosphere, has to offer a wide variety of appetizers, fresh fish directly from the fishing boats with which cooperates and affordable prices for everyone.

The philosophy remains the same, all these years: their own fish, “married sardines” in the specialties, all the seafood delicacies spread out in front of you and the current owners continue the tradition of their grandfathers fishermen, who arrived in Nea Krini from Vourla Smyrna, with the exchange of populations.

They trusted the sea that nurtured them and it, in turn, offers everything that you can try in “Arodos”.

A rich menu

The grilled “married sardine”, the “tope saganaki” accompanied by a slice of Feta PDO and parsley, the cuttlefish stewed in wine, the anchovy meatballs, the classic octopuses, mussels, shrimps and squids, the fresh fish (only free-range and never from a fish farm) such as also the variety of cheeses, sea pastourma.

Try, among their newest dishes, the risotto with cuttlefish and cuttlefish ink, the fresh Greek Katerini shrimp in saganaki, grilled or as shrimp pasta, but also “yalantzi dolmades” and tomato meatballs, an appetizer you will never forget, because it smells like summer.

In the saganaki dishes you will also find mussels, shrimps, galeo, sea urchins and rina. The salted fish stand out: “lakerda”, marinated anchovies and “liokafto”, ancestral recipes that have traveled from generation to generation and reached the present day. Depending on the season you will also find shells, such as cockles and scallops.

Along with seafood and fish, you will also find some proposals for meat and at the end their own handmade dessert always awaits you.

You accompany your meal, with options from the wide variety of ouzo, tsipouro and wine, as well as Greek and non-Greek beers.

One of the best restaurants in Nea Krini and if you go, you will understand why!