“B.”, the all-day restaurant café bar at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, we all know for its excellent meals of superior quality, which we have the opportunity to enjoy outside especially in the summer, in the courtyard of the Museum, in one of the most beautiful city spaces.

The business has, after all, won our hearts since the beginning of its operation, as the first integrated Museum restaurant bar in Greece, which managed to raise museum dining to other levels. What perhaps not all of us know is that here we can also enjoy one of the most complete brunches in Thessaloniki, a series of proposals for breakfast that, from 9 am, offer a truly excellent opportunity to start our day individually and in a truly unique space.

Greek flavors with an influence of French finesse

“B.” stands out not only for its carefully curated menu, which covers every meal of the day, but above all for its history and role, which began with the 2004 Olympic Games and until nowadays, after almost 20 years constant presence in the city of Thessaloniki, has given magical days and nights.

Its menu, curated by Chrysa Koniordou and her team and renewed every six months, is based on Mediterranean and seasonal ingredients, with Greek flavors meeting a good influence of French finesse.

The great experience of those in charge in the field of catering has led to a varied and complete card, which includes options for all the meals of the day.

As for the cellar, a wide wine list of Greek producers that includes 60 carefully selected labels and additionally selected Greek spirits, ideally accompany every meal.

Especially in the evening, the bar card prevails, with cocktails and champagne cocktails, plenty of liqueurs and aperitifs and other drinks, which make every visit special.

Breakfast at “B.”

From 09.00 in the morning to 13.00 in the afternoon, “B.” opens its doors for breakfast and brunch, with many options in Greek breakfast suggestions. The enriched menu includes a rich variety of drinks and juices – such as fresh, cool orange juice – as well as suggestions of baguettes, club sandwiches, pancakes and omelettes – we will find suggestions with ham or meat, up to options with vegetables, suitable for vegan and vegetarian customers – and of course, all kinds of coffee.

From the rich breakfast card, the eggs benedict definitely stand out – perhaps the best in town – but also truly unique suggestions depending on the season, such as the pumpkin tart, in the summer. Like everything at “B.”, the brunch is a neat piece and really special, especially when the weather permits to enjoy it in the courtyard of the Museum.

In this special place, we suggest you try your brunch in the city of Thessaloniki. Every visit will be unforgettable and the environment will offer you a completely unique experience!