The fried chicken of the American South has taken on legendary “dimensions” over the years and has traveled the length and breadth of the planet. The well-known fried chicken can now be found in many places, but in Thessaloniki you can enjoy it at its best at “Big Barn”.

It has not closed a year of operation and it has already won the hearts of those who enjoy this crunchy and delicious…sin.

Although at “Big Barn” this sin is created from excellent raw material with an emphasis on quality. Because street food can also be quality food.

Everything is handmade

Chicken nuggets, chicken wings, crispy chicken burger are the protagonists at “Big Barn”, and all come from local chickens which are marinated by the team of this street food spot, for up to 12 hours.

Crispy, juicy and delicious, the “Big Barn” fried chicken moves you from the very first bite. Breaded with a secret panko recipe, it leaves no room for doubt that this is the best fried chicken in town.

On the menu you will also find tasty burger suggestions not only in the classic version with a brioche bun, but also in an English muffin that goes perfectly with the crispy chicken.

Don’t forget to try the corn dog, which is nothing but delicious sausage in flummery.

Whatever you prefer, you should definitely accompany it with the wonderful sauces of “Big Barn”, which are also handmade. Five different sauces, which will ideally welcome your crispy chicken bites or your fried potatoes. The classic Big Barn mayo, the sweet and sour honey glazed, the hot Korean glazed, the elegant truffle mayo and the new Big Barn lime, answer your appetites with taste.

The classic or sweet potatoes are lightly fried and arrive to you crispy and airy. The Big Barn fries are a hit, and you also have an alternative side dish, corn roasted with butter, spices and chives.

Of course, salads would not be missing from the menu. Two in number, unrivaled in taste.

For the end, we left the “Big Barn” buckets, the famous buckets with chicken nuggets or chicken wings in quantities for many people or for…fanatic fans of fried chicken.

Small spot, cool mood

The “Big Barn” team not only has a passion for the food they offer, but also a wonderful aesthetic. The place is small, with modern decoration, but retro mood, it is a very cool spot in the city of Thessaloniki, on one of the most beautiful streets of the city, with a few tables outside and very nice music choices.

If you find an available table, enjoy your meal there accompanied by a cool soft drink or cold beer.

Tip: “Big Barn” also delivers to your location. You can find it on all online platforms (efood, wolt, box) and enjoy its crunchy delicacies from the comfort of your home.