The Binis jewelry store is one of the most famous stores of its kind, with a presence of 44 years in the city of Thessaloniki. The first store had opened its doors in the area of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace in 1978, while in 1999 it moved to its current address on Egnatia 53B.

The reins of the business are now held by the second generation of the Binis family, who, with studies in watchmaking and jewelry manufacturing, have managed to gain the trust of their customers on the one hand and to develop the business on the other hand, with their knowledge and love for the jewel.

Specialized watch repair and jewelry making workshop

At the Binis jewelry store you will find something that you will hardly find in any other store of the same type, as within its premises there is both a watch repair workshop and a jewelry manufacturing workshop.

It is one of the few jewelry stores in Thessaloniki that undertakes the repair of even the most elaborate watches and their mechanisms, while the talent of its owners in creating jewelry has established them in the city as leaders of their kind.

When your jewelry is made strictly… personal!

In its perfectly designed showcases you will find everything you want regarding the jewelry you want to be heirlooms of moments and memories of your life.

However, what makes Binis jewelry stand out is its unique craftsmanship in the manufacture of single stones – a ring so emotionally charged, that its uniqueness remains engraved in our hearts.

What could be more beautiful, than the creation of a one-of-a-kind ring, which will not be found anywhere else, as it will be your inspiration for your other half! Your choice of gemstones and diamonds is extensive and comes directly from Antwerp, resulting in extremely competitive prices.

At the same time, at Binis jewelry store you will also find a rich collection of watches, from the most classic designs to the latest fashion trends, from leading branded companies.

Style, finesse, personality, dynamism – all at the wrist of your hand, in various designs and colors and in fact, at discount prices throughout the year.

The trust of their customers over the years is certainly not a coincidence, with the Binis family continuing to constantly surprise us with the professionalism, art and passion they put into their work.

After all, a business that becomes known throughout the city by word of mouth is a business with extremely happy customers – and we guarantee this!