Blé Taste Gallery is a modern bake house, a real “taste gallery” in the city center, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here, they have only one commitment: to offer high-quality bakery and confectionery, without secret recipes and compromises, and they succeed. In one of the most central points of Thessaloniki, on the pedestrian street of Hagia Sophia, it is one of the most important reference points of the city.

Carrying the title “All day Artisan Bakery, Coffee Roaster & Bistrot”, the “Blé Taste Gallery” combines five different taste worlds, five catering establishments, in one space.

On the ground floor of the beautiful preserved building where it is housed, it combines sourdough breads with the best chocolates, velvety ice creams with a new generation coffee grinder, Mediterranean buffet with a la cart menu, handmade Wallachian pies with Italian focaccia.

Blé Taste Gallery: The Bakery

Highly technical pastries, pies made with family recipes, leavened with raw materials from selected small producers and partners from every corner of Greece.

In the neoclassical building of Hagia Sophia with the tallest wood oven in the world, you will find real, handmade bread that is leavened daily with natural leaven. Good bread takes time, and the dough here is developed without additives and may need to rest for up to 72 hours before entering the oven, so that it matures on its own, in complete peace.

Big. Toasted breads. To marry the sweetness of the crumb of the ripe dough with the balanced acidity of the sourdough and the notes of slight bitterness from the deliberately burnt crust. Clean flavors. And complicated. Rich. Full. Intense. And balanced!

Blé Taste Gallery: The Pastry Shop

Confectionery and ice creams of high quality, low sweetness, light in fat, great technique and delicate work. Top natural ingredients: cow’s milk from the American agricultural school, the world’s top chocolates, and fruit make up the unique Blé Taste Gallery experience that you can enjoy 24 hours a day!

Special sweets, prepared one by one, by hand, are real diamonds in the shop windows, where mass-produced shots and plastic cups do not fit.

As for sweets, everything is natural, with no room for artificial aromas, flavors and colors. One by one the recipes are made by the hands of the confectioners, each step by hand, each step with the aim of the best and not the simplest and cheapest.

Here you give your loved ones and yourself a sweet trip to Paris, Milan or Vienna. The birthplace of this confectionery.

Ice cream; According to many the best in the city. Made exclusively from the milk of the American agricultural school (cow) and from small local derivatives (goat and sheep). The epitome of pure and clean. Natural ice cream, without a trace of artificial color or additional enhancing flavors. The fruits are fresh, picked at the peak of their flavor. Everything is local, Greek, except for some exotic fruits, which are used in some rare flavors.

On your visit, don’t miss out on trying the panettone Blé Taste Gallery, in its traditional version with pieces of orange, lemon and raisins or in one of its variations with chocolate, pistachios, etc. which the confectioners make with the recipe they brought from Italy.

Traditional flavors, combinations exclusively inspired by its confectioners, from their trips to Milan and Rome.

Blé Taste Gallery: The Coffee Roasterie

If fresh coffee is your daily, non-negotiable indulgence, then make a stop at the ‘Blé Taste Gallery’ coffee shop. Whether you’re looking for a special single variety or a signature blend, at Blé Taste Gallery Coffee Roastery you’ll find selected espresso arabica varieties from small and leading producers from seven different parts of the world.

In the in-house coffee roaster, they roast their own blends that are extracted in the perfect balance of taste, aromas and acidity.

The coffees are always offered fresh at the peak of their flavor – around 15 days after roasting – either as a single variety so that the particular characteristics of each one can be perceived, or in blends composed by the barista.

Blé Taste Gallery: The Bistrot

At Blé Taste Gallery, they serve unique dishes that they prepare every day with fresh ingredients that are worth trying. Italian focaccia in various versions, freshly baked panini sandwiches with cold meats and cheeses, salads with seasonal vegetables, legumes, meat and seafood. Here everyone can compose their own dish, choosing the flavors and the quantity they want.

At the snack bar, you don’t know where to start from. From the handmade Wallachian pies with cow’s butter and feta cheese, only fresh spinach from small farmers and seasonal herbs to the Sfakia shepherd’s pies with extra virgin olive oil in the dough and sour myzithra from goat and sheep anthotyros, the fasting (and vegan) nettle pies and fennel pies, the ones with extra virgin olive oil, sourdough bread sandwiches and Italian prosciutto.

To prepare the buffet, the chef works with seasonal vegetables and greens from small farmers from the area and the flavors are based on the Mediterranean, Greek cuisine.

As for brunch? At Blé Taste Gallery, you can enjoy one of the most complete brunch meals either by combining it with pies, breads, round bread rolls from Thessaloniki, salads and sweets, or by choosing one of the chef’s recommended creations that you will find on the menu.

The menu is constantly updated and the ‘Blé Taste Gallery’ is here, for everything. Every day all day.