Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos has written its own history in the city of Thessaloniki, as it has been operating continuously since 1975 until today. Its first pages were written against the background of tradition, in a place that was a hangout for the residents of the center for cards and backgammon, as well as snacks that complemented their lunches and afternoons.

The years passed, the seasons changed, but Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos did not remain in the lazy nostalgia of the past. Instead, it turned the page and since 2013, it offers its audience and patrons a wide variety of authentic, genuine and simple tastes, achieving something magical: to “mix” the great history that governs it and by extension the tradition , with the freshness and vitality of today’s Thessaloniki.

One of the most favorite hangouts in the center

Around Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos you will see people walking hastily and abstractly and others standing and enjoying the sea in front of it, the shade of the sycamore tree that hugs it and the wonderful aromas that overflow from the kitchen. But you will see most of them smiling at its waiters, who hug them from the heart and then make them comfortable at one of its tables.

Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos is one of those hangouts you bond with for life. A hangout that is a companion for your everyday life, taking care of you with delicious dishes and simple and authentic tastes, which exude coziness and warmth!

At noon it is the ideal destination for fresh fish, for which it is famous, while in the evening it is a one-way street for its meats. Its raw material is carefully selected by fishermen from the area of ​​Nea Krini and other local producers respectively, with the ultimate goal of satisfying its customers to the fullest. Or rather its guests, because at Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos you won’t feel like a “customer”.

Simple and authentic flavors

Your culinary options at Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos are one better than the other, however if we had to recommend some to you blindfolded, they would definitely be its anchovy and sardine, as well as its meat creations, handmade soutzoukaki and meatballs .

Do not miss to try its salads and the “rose tomato” with goat cheese, olives and capers, the juicy fried potatoes, but also its famous risotto with shrimps or mushrooms.

Of course, your stay at Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos must be accompanied by tsipouro, ouzo or wine – all top quality, in bottles or bulk.

Some evenings you may also see groups of people gathering at its tables to watch their team’s matches, accompanied by tsipouro and food. Laughter, shouts, hugs, all a jumble of emotions, accompanied by unique tastes.

After all, food also hides emotions and feelings, which is why the dishes of Cafe-Tavern Pyrgos are so delicious. How could it be otherwise with so much love surrounding them?