The COLORS family has three members with their own distinct feel.

COLORS Rooms & Apartments like comfort, boho and cool. It has 15 apartments and is the first aparthotel in Thessaloniki.

COLORS Central likes popular life, the city center vibe, shopping and walks.

COLORS Urban Hotel prefers technology, glamour, opening the way and, of course, historical Tsimiski Street, with the strongest pulse of the city.

COLORS are original, travelers, hospitable, warm and smart!
When you visit them home, they make you feel like you are at your own home.
When you visit their neighborhood, you learn it so well, you feel it is your own neighborhood.
This nothing like other rooms, because in COLORS rooms you have everything, thanks to their being so different and colorful and because you get some awesome sleep and moments.

Rumor has it that in Thessaloniki there are travelers who enjoy extra benefits at better rates. At COLORS, rumors get confirmed, with free cocktails offered at the Garden Bar along with your visits to Massage.Me, and meals at the city’s finest restaurants. What is their name? COLORISTAS.

That’s because if you stay at COLORS, you have everything: large, sunny, modern rooms, warm and friendly staff, anatomic beds, free WiFi, soundproofing, comfortable offices, large TV sets, audio systems, and sincere smiles everywhere. What is more? You don’t have to leave your dog behind! COLORS are also eco-sensible, while they get mad about making you feel like a true friend and not as a stranger, like a traveler and not as a tourist.