The “10 Trapezia” restaurant, the second restaurant of Chef Manolis Papoutsakis and his partners in Thessaloniki – the first is the “Haroupi” restaurant, in Ladadika – opened at Christmas 2019 on the now renovated Kalari Street, in the center, a breath away from the New Waterfront and the view of the White Tower.

With the symbolic number “10”, to mean “good luck”, this small, warm and friendly space, with its strongly casual mood, has incorporated the “mezes” (small plate) philosophy into its menu. After all, this was the team’s goal from the beginning: smaller dishes, for “sharing” at the table, to be enjoyed by groups together with their raki and tsikoudia, having the possibility to choose many different flavors.

In a space that defends freedom of choice, that wants to have an identity and not become “patented”, to be open to the world, educating the public to something different.

Just like its award-winning, Cretan-born Chef, Manolis Papoutsakis and his long-time partners from “Haroupi”, Yiannis Papadogiannakis and sous-chef, Paschalina Kamtsikis.

“10 Trapezia”, is already awarded and among the best 100 restaurants in the country, is a very special and beloved place.