The story of DimiourgikoVildiridis begins in our distant 1902, when Apostolos Vildiridis from the 40 Ekklisies of Eastern Thrace, created the first creative goldsmith shop in Thessaloniki, with his descendants taking over immediately after.

One of them, his son, Athanasios Vildiridis, laid the foundations for a jewelry and precious stones house that thrives today in Thessaloniki with innovative creations and the most modern that exists worldwide in the art of goldsmithing and watchmaking.

Athanasios Vildiridis was an artist goldsmith, who was taught watchmaking, goldsmithing, engraving and diamond setting by his father and other excellent craftsmen of the time, while he worked and offered his valuable knowledge and experience until the age of 97 years old.

His daughter, the painter Anna Vildiridou, with studies in English literature and having a lot of painting exhibitions in Greece and abroad, is the first designer of the house’s jewelry. For one of its most popular series, “Macedonian Jewelry”, she drew inspiration of excavation findings and her love for antiquity and Macedonia – a series that has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe, in Luxembourg, London, Oslo and Bucharest. Her other original series draw on the aesthetic richness of marine life, the animal kingdom, vegetation and music.

The reins to the 4th generation

Mrs. Anna Vildiridou – Makri is still active in the business, however the reins have now passed to her two daughters, in the fourth generation, Haroula and Lena Vildiridou – Makri, who continue the Greek tradition of creative goldsmithing on the one hand, while utilizing modern scientific discoveries and designing young series on the other hand, contributing with their specialized studies to the consolidation of the house’s credibility.

As Mrs. Lena Vildiridou – Makri confessed to us, the memories of her grandfather Athanasios are so intense that even today they are the cornerstone of the love for goldsmithing in her heart.

“We grew up in the workshop and the store. Christmas or summer, it didn’t matter, we remember always being there. I remember my grandfather urging me to go beside him to show me how a piece of jewelry is created. I remember the respect he enjoyed from all his suppliers and associates, but also our mother’s pure love for the object, with whom we visited exhibitions abroad from an early age. It was inevitable that we also love our work with all our souls, it is a part of us”, she confides to us.

Haroula Vildiridou – Makri studied Jewelry Design and Manufacturing at London Guildhall University and specialized in Gemology and Diamondology. She has degrees F.G.A. and D.G.A. of the Gemological Association of Great Britain.

Lena Vildiridou – Makri studied Business Administration at North London University and has a degree in Diamondology D.G.A. of the Gemological Association of Great Britain, as well as a City & Guilds Diamond Bonding degree. She has also attended drawing and painting courses.

Jewelry with soul

At Vildiridis Creative you will find original, inspired, handmade jewelry and certified precious stones from the international gemological institutes GIA, HRD, EGL and GRS (Gem Research Swiss Lab).

You will also admire the large collection of wedding rings, single stones and youth series in silver or silver and gold, as well as gifts in silver and brass.

In addition, you will find museum replicas, icons on aged wood and icons with silver engravings, Swiss clocks, writing and smoking utensils.

We could say that the jewels of Dimiourgiko Vildiridis speak to the heart, as they have their way of opening the gates of our souls and highlighting the personality of those who wear them, constituting values that do not change over time.

With an obvious soft spot in the Greek roots, handmade, original, beyond and above fashions, they excel and accompany every great look, with great design and perfect finish and always are made from excellent, reliable materials with traditional and modern precision methods.

Designing your own dreams

The jewels of Dimiourgiko Vildiridis basically reflect your dreams. All you have to do is trust your thoughts and then, they will recommend you the metals and certified gemstones that will be needed to make your dreams come true. Thus, you will see how eternal values are created, which will commemorate your thoughts and feelings, through the excellent know-how and fine aesthetics of its owners.