DINX – which is an acronym, the meaning of which you will have to discover by yourself – was given as a name to the boutique by its creator, Mary Lefakis, in 1989, when it started its operation. Emphasizing mainly on French fashion, but also with a strong interest in creators from Belgium, Germany, Spain and also Japan, it is the oldest boutique in Metropolitou Iosif street, but also in the whole of Thessaloniki.

With its long experience and the stimulated curiosity for the developments in the field of quality prêt-à-porter, DINX is always on alert for an updated composition of the collection each season.

The feeling of “uniqueness” in every choice

Mary Lefakis’ long-term association with France due to her studies, allows her to thoroughly identify the créateurs and from them to choose for her own clientele those whose work is not in danger of the popularization of hyperdiffusion and often the trivialization through imitation.

She makes sure to choose only those items that fit the personality of the “sophisticated” but also discreet aficionados (often from Athens, but also not infrequently from Paris, London, America, Berlin) of Dinx.

At Dinx you will find a small number of products from each category so that the feeling of “exclusive”, “personal” and “special” accompanies each choice and each combination.

When fashion philosophizes!

The place is not indifferent to the atmosphere that prevails in Dinx’s welcoming store, as its inventive design by the well-known architect Aris Georgiou has put his own stamp on it.

On the walls of Dinx you will also see many of his painting and photography works, while the artistic curation of his communication materials tend to give this particular boutique a tone of cultural attitude towards fashion which ultimately constitutes the central philosophy.

Three decades have passed and there have been many designers introduced by Dinx, while every now and then new, inspired and experimental designers join the ranks. Their common feature is the combination of ingenuity in delicate design with manufacturing quality, but also timeless durability in aesthetics.

Dinx insists on pointing out as the most ideal choice of clothing the style that most authentically connects to our personality, each and not the homogenized image that the modern hyper-consumerist production and advertising system insists on projecting and establishing.