The concept of brunch in Thessaloniki, would someone say, is now widespread, but not to the extent that it becomes excessive. So, new additions and proposals, such as the “Donkey Garden” that opened in Skra Street in the center of the city and after that, in Evosmos are both always a breath of fresh air.

Especially when they are so special and inventive, like this completely special place, where brunch is served all day in a beautiful garden and terrace and we are protected by special igloos, which for the first time have been introduced as a philosophy in the catering of Thessaloniki.

The «Donkey Garden» first opened in Skra Street, in the heart of Thessaloniki, in June 2020. It was just what it needed then, as the venue’s beautiful courtyard was ideal for getting to know the owners, their philosophy and their very tasty menu.

Here, everything is handmade, ready mixes are completely absent, breads are all fresh and leavened and the raw materials, such as eggs, come from small farms and generally from small producers. Moreover, the long-term goal of the “Donkey Garden” team is to create their own farm, in some ideal part of the country, and produce their own vegetables, eggs, etc.

«Donkey Garden’s» Menu

This philosophy and the love for local products, you will find it diffused in every dish of “Donkey Garden” and in every detail, which stands out in the dishes of the menu.

The menu includes all kinds of coffee and many special drinks, such as their pink lemonade, but also several matcha flavors, blue-spirulina drink, chocolates in various flavors, energy drinks and generally very interesting options in cold and hot drinks, for every hour of the day and for every season of the year.

All the above can be enjoyed either on their own, or accompanied by a savory or sweet menu item, always simple and extremely neat. Here you will not find the classic pancakes and omelettes, instead you will find dishes in unique combinations and twists on classic recipes.

First of all, you should try the scrambled eggs, with sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, mashed sweet potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, onion chips, Verdicousia cheese and aromatic oil, perhaps the most representative recipe of “Donkey Garden”.

In the same category, the crispy pancake – with melted camembert, prosciutto, chili and cheddar sauce – the shrimp burger, the crispy poached – with poached eggs, parmesan cream, white truffle oil, sautéed mushrooms and toasted bread – the egg bowl – with sourdough bread, poached eggs, avocado cream, cherry tomato confit and aromatic oil, are all completely satisfying options.

For more Asian flavors, there is the Asian Shrimp Burger – brios with tempura shrimp, avocado, tomato, spicy mayo and sweet potato sticks, with sweet chilly, while in the more… ethnic suggestions you will enjoy the Mexican bowl and in the street food options, you will find truffle hot dogs.

Among the sweets of the day, the French toast definitely stands out – egg fritters from a bun with patisserie cream, red fruit jam and berries. You will also find red velvet, brownie and carrot cake, peanut butter french toast and many other suggestions.

For breakfast and not only, you can also try one of the shop’s healthy bowls with fruit and nuts or more savory options, such as the salmon’s benedict.

The menu, which changes every season, is served in its entirety throughout the day, at the Skra store until 21.30 and at the Evosmos store until 23.00 and you can enjoy it all on site or with take away.

In the garden and on the roof

At the “Donkey Garden” of Evosmos you will find, not only a courtyard and a cool terrace in the summer, but also adequately protected in the winter, with suitable heating throughout the year and a more evening menu, which you can enjoy with your company always with the accompaniment of wines and cocktails from their card.

In winter, the scenery in Skra’s courtyard changes, with the special igloos becoming ideal places to enjoy your every order, protected from all weather conditions.

In short, what will you meet, in “Donkey Garden”? A space friendly to the environment and gentle cultivation, without the use of plastics, friendly to animals and with a garden with tables outside, which highlights all of the above. And many, delicious suggestions for breakfast and brunch, from morning until late the afternoon.

Tip: Due to the philosophy of serving, “Donkey Garden” does not accept reservations.