The “Ethnic Street Food Caravan”, seems to have come to become one of our favorite places at 10 Zeuxidos Street. Having been in the hands of the current owners since November 2021, it has been oriented towards providing completely special proposals, which exceed by very much the classic ethnic flavors that you are used to eating all these years, on the streets of Thessaloniki.

This is because, on its menu, you will not only find traditional street food, but also authentic traditional recipes from many countries of the world, presented uniquely as street food, from those that will make you “get dirty” at take away, but you will enjoy them as you will rarely have the opportunity to do so.

We have been finding ethnic flavors in Thessaloniki for many years. As many traditional recipes from around the world, however, as we find in the Ethnic Street Food Caravan, we will not easily find elsewhere.

Here, they have gone a step beyond the classic falafel, hot dogs and fries and based on their philosophy, which is based on food traveling you, they have included many additional flavors, following personal research by their Chef and a persistence , in learning about new dishes and recipes, from countries and cities around the world.

Meat Eater Vs Vegetarian: 1-1

The menu options for meat eaters and vegetarians are equal. In the catalog of the “Ethnic Street Food Caravan”, you will find cool proposals in Poke Bowls – a new trend in the food of Thessaloniki, a dish from Hawaii with roots in Japanese cuisine, with ingredients cut into cubes, placed harmoniously in each dish – the ingredients and the colors of which give a unique result in flavors.

Try the Hawaiian Poke Bowl from Honolulu with ingredients such as rice, grilled pineapple, avocado, seaweed, ginger pickles, mint, wasabi and teriyaki dressing and generally all vegan or vegetarian suggestions, such as the Veganista Poke Bowl from Macau, China or the colorful rainbow salad with fresh zucchini, green onion, pumpkin, beetroot, corn, sweet potato, avocado and citrus basil vinaigrette.

In the salads, you will find proposals such as Panzenella from Siena, Italy, with bread, tomato, colorful cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, an entirely vegan option, to which you choose whether to add mozzarella cheese or tofu and the traditional Caezar’s as prepared in Mexico, with the original dressing, which includes anchovies, herbs, garlic and a choice between chicken or shrimp.

As for burgers and sandwiches, they also offer the Vietnamese “Pork Belly Bahn Mi” with slow-cooked pancetta and green apple, as well as the well-known Viennese schnitzel, a traditional Austrian dish, which here they turn into street food every day, placing in a brioche bun, with all the necessary accompaniments.

All burgers such as the French “Matador” or the American “All Time Classic” consist of a 100% Black Angus beef patty, while in the sandwiches you will also find Mexican tortillas or fajitas, as well as the Chicken Sando, a Japanese sandwich with thigh fillet chicken, Japanese tartar sauce and summer coleslaw. Finally, don’t neglect the open rib eye sandwich, with smoked onion cream, burnt butter and arugula cremolata with hazelnut.

As a classic street food representative, the “Ethnic Street Food Caravan” has of course also included hot dogs in its menu, in their classic but also enriched form, with caramelized onion blending harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients.

Vegan hot dogs and burgers

In the same categories – burgers and hot dogs – you will also find vegan options, such as the vegan burger with a 100% meat-free burger and vegan tahini mayonnaise or the meat-free sausage, with corresponding side dishes.

In any case, you can accompany your meal with potatoes rocks, crispy fried rocks of fresh potatoes, with various sauces and various other appetizers, which guarantee you deliciousness and a sure feeling of street food.

The menu does not lack ethnic desserts, such as the fried Jamaican banana, but also cool suggestions in cocktails, which will surely satisfy you completely, especially in the summer months, when coolness in Thessaloniki is sought after in every way.

All in all, the “Ethnic Street Food Caravan” is exactly what its name says. A place – a caravan of flavors from all over the world, with the countries where its flavors come from constantly being enriched and with dishes a little “changed” in terms of their style, which transform authentic, traditional recipes of each country, into a fresh, original kind street food dish.

The menu changes every six months, so we always have new flavors and suggestions in store, along with the promise of any good street food spot that lives up to its name: whatever you get here, you’re sure to get dirty!

Tip: Everything on the “Ethnic Street Food Caravan” menu can be ordered directly from its pages, as well as through the Wolt, Box and E-food applications.