It opened its doors in 2018 in Toumpa and since then “Evora Eatery” has introduced a new feast of flavors to the area and to the gastronomy of Thessaloniki in general.

On Diogenous Street, a street lined with plane trees and coolness, meat-eating takes on another dimension, as the meat here is not limited to the classic suggestions of an ordinary menu, but includes fine selections of all kinds from Greek farms and with a cuisine that is constantly renewed and wins more and more patrons.

The creators of “Evora Eatery” are not new to the field, as they have 20 years of experience in the art of cooking, both through restaurants in the city of Thessaloniki – they recently opened a new restaurant on Ptolemaion Street in the city center, “Maestranza”, a special project with their own microfarm cultivation, vegetables and handmade bread – as much business activity in Makrinitsa Serres, but also of the homonymous “Evora Eatery” in the beautiful lake Kerkini where, in the forest, you can taste the best meats.

Meat, the base of everything on the menu

The restaurant’s philosophy is mainly meat-centric, based entirely on creative cuisine and flavor experimentation, such as the delicious venison seftalia, a proposal that you will hardly find elsewhere in the city.

In a fairly cool part of Toumba, with several plane trees – “evora”, after all, means “coolness” – in a space where wood and a warm and friendly environment prevail, you have the opportunity to enjoy fine meats, from parts of animals that are not at all common in the kitchens of Thessaloniki.

Of course you will find meat from Kerkini buffaloes, but you will also be able to choose between recipes with wild boar, veal tails or cheeks, venison, roe deer, quail and rabbits, from Greek farms, but also imports from America, Japan, Argentina and Australia which they bind in a feast of juicy flavors.

What else will you find on the menu? Beef cheeks with gnocchi and sweet and sour ghalotiri, pork knuckle slow-cooked in the shell with beer, rosemary, onion and orange or sheep knuckle also in the shell, with chocolate sauce.

Wild boar or Kerkini buffalo in the shell with quince and sweet potato puree, but also with mushrooms and baby carrots respectively, fried chicken with dried Lefkada sausage, kontosouvli, bavette steak, hanger stake and flat iron steak, tri-tip or California steak and of course, some of the best hunts.

Among the salads, the Greek salad with elderberry – an herb with extremely healing properties – and the pumpkin carpaccio stand out, among the appetizers the pontic pies, the well-known perek, which are prepared in many different combinations, and the roasted pumpkin.

Syrups and vinaigrette are prepared in the kitchen of “Évora Eatery” by its own people and in general the philosophy here is to always offer meals that stand out and are distinguished by their variety.

The wine list of “Evora Eatery” is also quite rich, consisting of many labels from Greek vineyards, excellent accompaniments, for every meat you will try.

Co-shaping the new menu

At “Evora Eatery”, a special “institution” has been established: every second Tuesday the menu changes, using new ingredients and creating new dishes, and you have the opportunity, with a 25% discount on the total cost of your meal, to try the new dishes and to express your opinion, contributing to the formation of the new catalogue.

If there is anything that “Evora Eatery” is not, it is something ordinary and commonplace. Its people have put all their mastery into enriching their experimental cuisine and menu and certainly, they have managed to offer us something unique: to introduce the philosophy of hunting to the gastronomic scene of Thessaloniki, in a restaurant where meat lovers will find a completely unique hangout.

From autumn onwards, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, make sure to make your reservation, as “Evora Eatery” becomes an even more popular destination!