At PROFILE, the private Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, plastic surgeon Georgia Hourpouliadou – Chorti applies the most pioneering and effective technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine, as well as methods of soft surgery, to achieve a natural result. This can only be achieved by combining scientific knowledge, excellent materials and equipment, on top of the rich experience of the plastic surgeon.

Strongly believing that each person is unique, with different aesthetic support needs, we all require tailored assessment and treatment, a PERSONAL MEDICAL BEAUTY PROFILE is created to maintain and improve the health and youthful appearance of each one of us. Getting older is not the real challenge, but to grow older avoiding hard signs of time and alteration of one’s special characteristics. As time goes by and the first signs of aging are visible, also affecting our psychology, not only the skin itself but also the deeper layers of the skin are affected. Prevention should start at younger ages so as achieving a natural youthful image is possible, avoiding major surgical procedures.

PROFILE Plastic Surgery & Laser Center has been serving patients from all over the world for 25 years in a row, offering floppy face and eyelid treatments, breast reconstruction and enhancement, abdominoplasty in combination with VASER liposuction, as well as services on all anti-aging cases using radio frequency, laser and autologous techniques.

Emphasis has been given over the last decade on soft procedures and treatments for prevention, face and body recreation, as a result of the hesitation and fear of many people for interventions that require total narcosis. Bloodless treatments have emerged as a solution, taking place with local anesthesia and featuring shorter recovery time, excellent results and affordable cost.

Proper information, selecting a qualified plastic surgeon dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of each one of us, lead to the desired effect of keeping youthfulness and health for even longer!