It has been considered for years one of the best and most famous fish restaurants in the city, the brainchild of two friends who united their hard work and experience under the same dream.
A restaurant with delicious traditional Greek cuisine, polite and welcoming service overlooking the sea.
A beach that we visit not only in summers, but also in winters, a coast that hosted our own moments over a glass of ouzo, a selected wine and countless tasty dishes.
And we are always looking for every opportunity to visit it and enjoy all the good things of the sea.

The value has been the same for so many years: The fresh fish

The two friends and partners have been active in the catering business since 1990, culminating in the creation of Gialos in 2004.
The value has been the same for so many years: fresh fish and fine appetizers to accompany tsipouro, ouzo or the company’s wine next to the waves of the Thermaikos sea. For this reason, it gathers at its tables not only groups of friends that want to enjoy it, but also many business lunches or important dinners.
This particular spot, in Kalamaria, is like being on an island, so when the sun shines on it or when the sun goes down, it’s incredible!

Fresh fish, cooked with expertise, based on traditional Greek cuisine!

Gialos gathers people from all neighborhoods of the city regardless of distance, for ouzo and classic appetizers, for fish and seafood!
The options are many and delicious, while we are always sure of the freshness of the fish and seafood, the perfection of their cooking and the good prices.
When you are wondering where to go, the choice is easy as their food and service never disappoints and if you will have any problem with your company, it will most likely be that you will not know what to choose…