One of the most successful seafood restaurants in the area of Aretsou and Nea Krini, “Gialos”, just below the coastal street of Nikolaou Plastira and literally next to the sea, offers at first glance what most of the seaside restaurants in the area offer .

And yet, there is something that makes it truly special. Beyond the magnificent location, with a view of Thermaikos, the boats and the seagulls, it operates based on a “recipe”, which over the years has become its own success tip: it is none other than the constant personal involvement of its owners, Babis Arvanitopoulos and Alexis Pechlivanidis at all levels of the business, from cleaning to making important decisions for its course. Now with their children by their side, and as Chef Stefanos Katafigiotis, they set a daily example of how love, stable, long-term professional relationships and a focus primarily on quality, can ensure a course of nineteen years until today, which only upward can be characterized.

The restaurant “Gialos”, is ideal for meals by the sea, thanks to the magnificent view it offers to Thermaikos throughout the day, right next to the water, in a quiet spot, attracting a lot of people throughout the week and having acquired its fanatical patrons, since 2004 when it first opened.

Focus on relationships

All these years, the central philosophy of the people of “Gialos” is one: the perfect service of the customer and the satisfaction of his every need, with the staff always close by and with relationships that have largely become eternal friendships, with customers of the restaurant to be friends with the owners now.

For the latter, what makes the business stand out from other counterparts is none other than the intense personal involvement of the original owners. On a daily basis, Babis and Alexis are at the site and take care of its best possible operation.

Their investment in human relations can be seen from the stable cooperation they have with staff members – some of whom have been working in the field since 2004 – but also with suppliers of raw materials, with relationships that last up to 20 years.

Quality and fresh fish are the “key”

The quality of the raw materials remains constant and daily, the main priority in the kitchen. From sunflower and olive oil, fish, seafood and all vegetables, the philosophy of “Gialos” is oriented not so much towards fancy recipes and cooking, but towards simple, clean tastes, always with very good raw materials.

The basic “recipe” of all these years at “Gialos” and what makes it stand out, is the wide variety of fresh fish of the day, many fine dishes and delicious appetizers, ideal for enjoyable meals. The menu includes, literally, the tastiest things the sea has to offer.

The Chef, here, has his own secret, which he follows especially in pasta creations. The excellent shrimp pasta is among the dishes that definitely call for culinary tests. The same goes for the newest dishes, such as ceviche or seafood carpaccio, which promise unique experiences by the sea.

The dishes are accompanied by tsipouro or ouzo and selected wines from Greek estates.

The magical location

What “Gialos” definitely guarantees and what the patrons love for it besides the deliciousness, the quality ingredients and the helpful and courteous service, is its location, the wonderful sunset in the historical Karabournaki where it is located. The upcoming renovation interventions in its kitchen are expected to contribute to its even better quality, while a waste control action is planned, in addition to the basic ones provided by the legislation and which are already implemented in the area.

From the fifteenth of August 2004, when the restaurant was “overflowing” with people for the first time, until the difficult adjustment at the beginning of the crisis and the “shock” of the coronavirus, “Gialos” continues to offer its impeccable services and become known by word of mouth, with a strong parallel presence on social networks, from where all comments are taken into account, in order to constantly improve the business. In “Gialos” seafood is synonymous with “live good” and you will see it every time you visit, no matter where you start from!

Tip: Especially on Fridays and weekends, reservations are recommended.