The award-winning “Grada Nuevo”, has rightly been considered for years one of the top gastronomic destinations in Thessaloniki. Faithful to the tradition that they themselves started twenty-eight years ago, they continue strongly and steadily all these years, presenting more and more refined proposals based on seafood cuisine, in a space where haute gastronomy and Greek cuisine are mixed with a result that stands out.

“Grada Nuevo”, was not always in the same place. When it started its journey, in 1994, by Apostolos Rigas and Mrs. Eleni, it opened on Pavlou Mela Street and was the beginning of a long journey, which started with passion and took shape in its premises.

The owner of “Grada Nuevo”, has always loved the premium version of gastronomy, both in terms of the creativity of the kitchen, as well as in the service and hospitality of his guests and this is visible in every dish and service of the restaurant, where the soul, energy and substance prevail, based on a philosophy that wants the discovery of a new plate to contribute more to the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star.

Sophisticated seafood cuisine

On Kalapothaki street, “Grada Nuevo” has for years focused purely on seafood and seafood preparations, such as ceviche or tartare, and on sophisticated pairings – combinations of the flavors of the menu with wine, champagne and spirits from its cellar.

Its catches come directly and exclusively from the Toronean Gulf of Halkidiki, while there are many options for shells and oysters – you will find proposals of various categories from countries such as France, Ireland or Italy.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that in “Grada Nuevo” the trend of haute cuisine – purely in the seafood sector in recent years – is represented humbly and refined, throughout its course in time, which is upward and with more and more popularity.

Based on the highest quality ingredients and the best productions of the country, combined to highlight their uniqueness and offered to lovers of good food and “lovers of gastronomy”, the recipes of “Grada Nuevo” transport the senses in the search for perfection and the place is one of the most respected and favorite restaurants of its category, in the whole city of Thessaloniki.

Menu that follows the seasons

Nothing on the menu is stagnant, since the card is renewed two or three times a year, following the production cycle of the products, and each season.

It is, after all, a restaurant that respects its guests and always pays attention to what and how it will serve them. Now in autumn you will find in the salads, a delicious green one, with grilled nectarines and poached pear, the cool salad with coconut flakes and orange vinaigrette, but also a Mediterranean one with grilled vegetables and a Greek one with all the necessary ingredients.

Among the appetizers, the sea urchin, the dusky grouper or shrimp ceviche and the tuna tartare stand out in the cold versions, the delicious fish soup and the smoked eel in the hot ones.

In the main courses, it is worth trying the white grouper, red porgy or common dentex sauteed cheeks, the fillet with steamed baby vegetables and white onion puree or the fricassee fillet with wild greens and egg-lemon sauce, the salmon with a trilogy of leeks, plums and fresh , summer truffle.

Pastas range from linguini with prawns, mushrooms, spinach and beurre noisette or with sea urchin and fried quinoa, to a recipe with roe, chilli and lime and an excellent honeyed barley with fresh prawns and a light tomato sauce.

Meat eaters will also find an excellent option, the rib-eye with buttery mashed potatoes.

And finally, the dessert, always depending on the season. Galaktoboureko with mascarpone cream and dates or light Valhrona chocolate mousse with roche crust, chocolate soil and bitter chocolate ice cream kennel, seasonal fruits and handmade ice cream with milk and cream, chocolate and mango, are among their suggestions.

Accompany with selections from the list of wines and sparkling wines from excellent Greek and international vineyard estates, selected Greek beers and a variety of cocktails and enjoy them on the beautiful pedestrian street of Kalapothaki, with its picturesque buildings, from 12 noon when the kitchen opens, until 12 at night, when it closes.

“Grada Nuevo” is an absolute value for money choice, thanks to its quality and special and gourmet proposals. And that’s why we love it. Because it expresses the Art of Haute Gastronomy, reconstructing the Greek cuisine and expressing it skillfully, so that at every meal, your senses meet the pleasure. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most talked about and awarded seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki.

Tip 1: To be sure to find a table at “Grada Nuevo” it is good to make a reservation, even on weekdays. On the restaurant’s website, you will find a special form that will help you complete your reservation online.

Tip 2: From October, expect the restaurant’s new menu.