With premium syrup-soaked sweets, creams from Istanbul and the two granddaughters of the old owner in management, the long tradition of “Hatzis’s Dairy” continues.

In July 2020, they started the project with the creation of a fresh store, at 16 Pavlou Mela Street at the junction with Tsimiski Street. There one can taste the well-known “Hatzis” syrups in their most refined version as well as a wide range of Istanbul creams.

A “sweet spot” that promises unique pleasures that are hard to find in Thessaloniki.

Faithfully following the trend of adapting tradition to the modern era, it is also one of the stores that started operating, in the autumn of 2022, in the renovated Modiano Market.

The story of the “Dairy”

“Hatzis’s Dairy” is the evolution of the once historic “Hatzis” Patisserie on Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, which for decades was the trademark and reference point for sweets from Istanbul to Thessaloniki. Its most famous sweets, such as khanum burek, touloumba, kazan dipi, ekmek with kaimaki and its wide variety of syrups, made it an attraction for residents and visitors of the city over the years and the history it left behind is undoubtedly great.

The sisters Geliz and Izel Hatzis wanted to “mix” this great family tradition and the new trends in sweets. They are the first women in the family to take over the business. Being, now, the fifth generation and with great respect for the legacy of their grandparents, they took over the reins of ” Hatzis’s Dairy”, the venture that started two years ago in the center of Thessaloniki. Their goal is to create a fresh aesthetic, and an ideal environment for the new generations, with the joy of the great history they are continuing evident in their work.

Here, in a tasteful and atmospheric space, all the specialized and premium products, for which the Hatzis family has become known over the years, are presented.

Its name faithfully honors that of the first store, which the Hatzis family had created in 1908 opposite the Old Town Hall of Thessaloniki, at the junction of Egnatia and Venizelou streets, from which they also started their basic products, which initially were mainly sweets with milk.

It was there that the “Hatzis’s Dairy” first introduced to its public its later famous products, such as kazan dipi and ekmek – kaimaki with buffalo milk, galaktoboureko and kiounefe, which were then enriched with its famous syrups, and all the traditional seasonal products, such as greek sweet bread and vasilopita (greek New Year’s cake) and other items, depending on the holidays of the year.

We recommend, unreservedly, the baklava, baba, touloumba, kadaifi, khanum burek, saragli and many other tasty miracles, which made the work of the family known, and with it, the city of Thessaloniki.

Among their more traditional, creamy sweets, you will find at today’s “Hatzis’s Dairy” their delicious kazan dipi with buffalo milk, tauk yoksou, Greek rice pudding, the smell of which can be felt even before you arrive at the store.

Healthier and vegan products

The philosophy of “Hatzis’s Dairy” is to identify with the rhythms of the times, and in this context, its traditional choices could not be missing from its vegan and healthy products, such as asoures, a sweet that can be identified with tradition, however, it is an ideal superfood. Wheat porridge enriched with walnut and raisin, which gives energy for several hours after consumption.

In the same category belong their lightest fresh creams, the malebi in various flavors, but also the zerde – jelly from Istanbul, with saffron and rose water. It is also worth trying the malebi with almond drink.

For coffee and ice cream

For a more complete sweet proposition, we strongly recommend the kiounefe. One of the oldest codes of “Hatzis’s Dairy”, this dessert from Istanbul with crispy kantaifi and cheese, is eaten warm and is excellently accompanied by dondourma ice cream.

All of the above can be tasted at the store’s tables. There, after all, you can enjoy “Moula Mustafa” coffee – Greek coffee traditionally roasted on the embers. This is exactly how it was made in the old Dairy, this is how it became known and this is how the current owners continue it, for all generations who want to try it.

The high standards in quality of raw materials, stability, reliability and respect for the customer, are the basic “ingredients” that for 114 years have kept the taste and quality of “Hatzis” sweets unchanged.