When a butchery – a family business – decides to enter the catering sector, with its own production, the result cannot but be special, just like “Hot Dog King”, which is one of the best examples in its field.

The fourth generation of butchers, who today manage the shop, continue the family tradition in the best possible way and we are lucky, because the flavors we can try are many and based on the best they have to offer, from the products they produce.

“Hot Dog King” opened in 2012 on Vasileos Herakliou Street, based on the desire of the Symeonidis family – old butchers of Thessaloniki – to introduce to the market what a hot dog should be, with their own raw materials and expertise, of course, in sausages.

Sausages and their side dishes

Beef or pork sausages, mixed, chicken, spicy, country Greek traditional sausages, Frankfurt or Bavarian, at “Hot Dog King” you will find them all.

You choose the item you prefer and complete it either based on one of the suggestions on the menu, or with your own favorite ingredients, having, if you wish, the help of its people.

Try the Berlin, with Bavarian sausage and sauerkraut, the slim line – chicken sausage with yogurt sauce and other accompaniments on a baguette – the spicy with peperone sausage, the American cowboy, with the classic beef sausage.

In the sauces you can choose between coleslaw salad, curry, pickled pepper, cheddar, sauerkraut, chopped vegetables, caramelized onions, parmesan, etc. while, in addition to the suggestions for individual hot dogs, you will also find meal combinations, with freshly baked country potatoes.

The rest of the suggestions

In addition to sausages, on the menu you will also find breakfast with cold sandwiches, mini bites, tortillas and pretzels, pies, croissants, round bread roll from Thessaloniki, natural juices and coffees, so that you have a complete experience in your day.

The little friends of “Hot Dog King” can try the kids menu, boiled sausage in a fluffy bun, with country potatoes and juice.

Only here, perhaps, you will find so many suggestions on hot dogs, that they even come with a name that is a «guarantee». It is no coincidence that “Hot Dog King” products participate every year in most street food festivals throughout Greece, always with great success. Try your favorite flavors in one of the stores–«guarantee» at your place!