A point of reference in the heart of shopping. A place where fashion exists and is reborn every day. Kanellopoulos Department Stores glass windows are the talk of the town for fashion lovers, proposing the new trends in a unique way. A search point for the visitors of the city, Kanellopoulos Department Stores are still one of the gems of the local commercial life.

A meeting point in the center of the city, Tsimiski, where Kanellopoulos is the street light for your night wanderings, and a shopping point in Lagadas and Mediterranean Cosmos, for those who prefer shopping away from the bustling center.

The brands it launches in the Thessaloniki market are addressing everybody: working women seeking to be elegant all day long, businessmen looking for suits or casual outfits, youngsters interested in alternative clothing and affordable prices, but also to kids, offering a lot of choices and a wide range of prices and brands. Kanellopoulos Department Stores creative team constantly renews the shopping options by enriching them with up-to-date styling elements.

Looking back in time, we will find out that nothing is random, and that fashion is both history and tradition. Kanellopoulos shops were created by Vasileioos Kanellopoulos, the man who had been supplying the entire Thessaloniki region with fabrics since 1950.

He was the one to make the beginning, by building a strong relationship with customers, which has remained unbreakable for years. Based on this relationship, the first KANELLOPOULOS department store was established in 1970, by his son Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, honoring the experience and the trust relationship built by his father.

Prompt and friendly service has made this department store an attraction pole and axis of a company, which expanded to the state-of-the-art KANELLOPOULOS Department Store in the 12th km Thessaloniki-Lagadas, hosting a wide selection of brands in clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes in 6000 s.m.

Today, KANELLOPOULOS department stores network consists of 5 up-to-date stores tuned with the pulse of consumers and meeting the needs of the whole family, offering brands and comfortable shopping.

The KANELLOPOULOS Group created 5 department stores where service remains friendly, the variety is great, and prices are more than affordable. On top of these, Kanellopoulos member card provides loyal customers with privileges including discounts up to 20% and 6 interest-free installments using all credit cards.

The 7-storey Kanellopoulos department stores, in the center of Thessaloniki (55, Tsimiski Street) opened in March 2010. Ever since, it has been the ultimate fashion destination, featuring women and men clothing departments, footwear as well as a wide range of accessories, bags and swimwear for women and men.

The department store is the pillar of Kanellopoulos company and has been in the fashion industry since November 1999. With a full range of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, accessories, sportswear as well as cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products, it hosts over 152 shops in shop and covers all the needs of the modern family, with access to brands and comfortable shopping.

Kanellopoulos stores at the Mediterranean Cosmos mall have been in the fashion industry since March 2006 and are a reference point for those looking for full range women’s and men’s collections of clothing, footwear and accessories. KANELLOPOULOS store in Lagadas (12th km of Thessaloniki – Lagadas) hosting a long line of brands in clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes in 6000 s.m. serves the needs of west Thessaloniki.

During the summer months, KANELLOPOULOS stores welcome its consumers in Halkidiki, Nea Moudania, and more specifically to Enigma Shopping Center. Its central and easily accessible location makes it the ultimate destination for comfortable shopping before, after or even during summer vacation. Top fashion brands for women’s and men’s clothing and footwear, unique accessories, bags and swimwear, provide the most stylish outfits!

Fashion lovers outside the area of Thessaloniki can visit KANELLOPOULOS department store in Larissa. With the unique collection of branded men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories, it perfectly meets the needs of the most informed consumers. On Roosevelt Street, at Tachidromeiou Square, Kanellopoulos Department Store is the ultimate reference point for the most fashionable items!