Many years have passed since the pasta that Kabamaru, the favorite hero of the famous anime, ate, but at “Kapamaru pasta”, at number 36 Dimitriou Gounari Street, the concept of energy that a well-cooked pasta can give you is a daily priority .

Since May 2018 in the specific neighborhood of the center and since February 2021 in Toumba, this street food spot, which focuses on pasta, offers value for money options in combinations of pasta and sauces and you have the possibility to enjoy every day a different taste.

Color and decoration reminiscent of 90’s anime, with the pasta being their trademark and cooked on the spot in the pans in the display window in plain view, is what you will find at ‘Kapamaru Pasta’.

Flavors that stand out…

At “Kapamaru” you will find classic options such as carbonara, bolognese, shrimp pasta and bacon mac ‘n cheese, premium options such as perhaps the most popular Navarino dish, the “manitopoulo”, with truffle oil making the difference, the “barcelona”, with the characteristic pink sauce that is definitely worth trying, the white sea with shrimps, mussels, white wine and definitely the “absolut Salmon” with smoked salmon extinguished with Absolute Vodka and pink sauce, too.

In the rich menu there are also great options for Vegan and Vegetarian customers, such as the delicious soy Bolognese, the pesto and the rustic bolognese, with fresh vegetables.

As for the salads, here you will find only premium options, with iceberg, fresh pasta and tasty dressing, making the difference. Energy, chicken salad, pasta salad with chicken bites and the classic caesar’s, will compensate you.

… and fresh pasta

“Kapamaru pasta” now aspires to take pasta to another level, adding fresh pasta to its already rich menu.

Especially if you are a student, you will find here a favorite street food pasta spot, which will cover your meals every day, at very low prices.

We highly recommend it because, if nothing else, we love pasta! Especially when they take on a different hue, with flavors like those of “Kapamaru”!