The tradition of the company Kasparian Jewels begins in the distant 1925, when the father of Karabet Kasparian’s wife, Zenop Torosyan, founded his first goldsmith’s workshop in the Didymoteicho of Evros.

His passion and knowledge were passed on to his son-in-law, Karabet Kasparian, who in 1951 founded his own jewelry store-workshop of goldsmithing and watchmaking on Menexe Street, in Thessaloniki. After exactly 22 years, Karabet Kasparian decides to make a new beginning, a great business step and move to the most important commercial street of the time, Venizelou Street in the center of Thessaloniki.

In 1983, the third generation took over, Karabet Kasparian’s son, introducing new innovative ideas to the business, but always respecting his father’s vision, managing to develop it into a dynamic business with a continuous upward trajectory.

The new era in Kasparian jewelry

In 2011, the fourth generation of the family entered the jewelry field, which, realizing the constant need for modernization, founded its first online store, thus managing to enter all Greek homes. In 2019, the company’s e-shop was renewed and renamed, while at the same time the family started expanding its business activities abroad.

After almost 50 years of successful commercial activity on Venizelou Street, with Mr. Karabet’s passion for quality and respect for the customer always as a banner, the business expanded by opening a second point of sale on the current most commercial street of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski Street.

A jewelry store that stands out for its accessibility to its customers

The jewelry in Kasparian Jewels stores is characterized by a quality unchanged over the years. Here you will find collections of diamonds and precious stones with a limited number of each piece of jewelry, which makes them unique and special, just like you.

Kasparian Jewels stores are not the jewelry stores we are used to. The warmth and approachability to its customers makes it stand out and manage to become a part not only of our important personal moments, but also of our everyday life.

Jewelry is basically easy to wear, everyday jewels, with diamonds and precious/semi-precious stones that we can wear all the time and enjoy. Here refinement and style can be worn throughout the day, as its people tell us, “it’s a shame to wait only for formal occasions to enjoy our jewelry.”

Among the company’s bestsellers are undoubtedly the diamond collection, with an emphasis on rosettes, rings with colored stones, as well as rosette necklaces with stones of a rich color palette.

Unique service Kasparian

Kasparian Jewels stores never stop innovating over the years, as their owners stand out not only in their jewelry making, but also in the cordial way they treat their customers. In addition to the warm welcome inside the stores, the customer feels part of the business as it enters his life every day through social media and especially through Instagram, where daily appointments are made with videos for customers outside and inside Thessaloniki, serving at the same time with same-day deliveries.

Kasparian Jewels stores have managed to make quality jewelry a part of our daily lives, with admirable craftsmanship and an abundance of talent. A completely modern jewelry store, with jewels that we cannot resist and that are certainly the “gold dust” in every moment of our lives.