Kiosky’s made its appearance in the east of the city, on Grigoriou V Street, winning impressions from the start. Every detail is taken care of. Entering the space, the minimal design and wooden details gain attention, creating a beautiful and comfortable space.

You immediately understand that this is not an ordinary market, but a market of the new era, which has come to “untie your hands”. It is what we call a convenience store in the full meaning of the term (a store for your convenience).

Kyros decided to open Kiosky’s in this particular area, having carefully studied the needs of the neighborhood. After all, he has many years of experience in England as a restaurant manager, but also as a restaurant owner in Brighton.

Excellent coffee and tasty snacks for every hour of the day

At Kiosky’s you will find the excellent quality 100% Arabica Jacobs coffee, which will fill you with energy every hour of the day.

Whether it’s a morning start, or a boost in the middle of your day, its aroma and full flavor is what you need. Perfectly made every time and with an ecological conscience, since you can buy the reusable bamboo glasses, so that every sip of yours helps the environment!

It also has a very beautiful outdoor area, where you can enjoy your coffee or food. Everything you need for a break from work or a relaxed coffee with friends!

Here you will of course find all kinds of drinks, as well as a wide variety of snacks and small meals, to accompany you on your walk, at work, or on an excursion.

A market that has everything!

Did you decide to get together with your friends at home and you need beers or drinks? Are you planning a romantic dinner with your significant other and need wine? Have you decided to relax on the couch with a movie and miss the snacks and refreshments? Really, whatever you need, you will find it at Kiosky’s!

It can literally cover your every need. From drinks, soft drinks, snacks, ice creams and kiosk items, to detergents and household items, baby items (diapers, baby wipes, etc.) and personal care items (shampoo, shower gels, etc.).

Keep in mind the weekly offers you find at Kiosky’s and they are highly competitive!

One visit is enough for Kiosky’s to become your neighborhood’s favorite store, since it will “untie your hands” and “rescue” you in every situation and need!