It is beautiful in Morichovou Square in Ladadika, especially in the evenings when the lights make it even more beautiful and the “Kioupia Ladadika”, is an ideal place to try traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and in fact accompanied by live music every night.
It is a place that, for 30 years now, remains faithful to its philosophy in terms of what it offers us: Greek, concise cuisine and simple, traditional lines in the formation of its decoration, no matter how many years pass.
“Kioupia Ladadika” opened in 1991 in the historic and homonymous area of Ladadika, where tradition meets quality – just 5′ from Aristotelous Square – and to this day, remains unsurpassed in quality and in every service it offers. The restaurant has been renovated several times, but always in the philosophy of a classic restaurant, with emphasis mainly on the flavors that appear on their tables.

Variety on the menu and Greek wines

Seafood and meat at “Kioupia Ladadika” are served in abundance and with a multitude of options throughout the day, while the cellar consists exclusively of Greek wines from small estates and good selections of ouzo and beer.
With a view of the Morichovou square of Ladadika and its wonderful fountain, you can enjoy your food or drink, choosing from appetizers for ouzo, wine or beer – served from a special cannula in front of your table – to dishes with meat, seafood, fresh fish, pasta, risotto, fresh salads and stews with “mom’s” aroma, which come to satisfy your every culinary requirement.
Among the best dishes that we suggest you try are the pork shank with quince potatoes, the Tzoumagias sausages with cabbage risotto and the tenderloin with honey sauce.
You can enjoy all of the above every day and in the evenings especially with the accompaniment of live music, sounds of well-known and beloved Greek songs, from guitar and bouzouki.

So if you want to enjoy authentic Greek and Mediterranean meals, cooking that will “tickle” your palate, impeccable service and your favorite tunes in a warm, intimate atmosphere, we recommend “Kioupia Ladadika”, without a second thought. And now, with fall coming, meals here are set to be special.

Tip 1: Prefer the “Kioupia Ladadika” restaurant for organizing business meals, but also for weddings and baptisms and other events, such as product presentations, press interviews and parties. Event decoration, sound coverage and live music, as well as wedding and christening equipment are covered.
Tip 2: At the “Kioupia” restaurant, it is good to go having made a reservation first, especially on the “busy” days Friday – Saturday and Sunday, but also during the week.
Tip 3: The store accepts all credit cards and fully complies with all health measures against Covid-19.
Tip 4: You will find free parking and many private parkings in the surrounding area, at affordable prices. At the “Kioupia” restaurant, there is also access for the disabled.