Quality fashion may have been an industry accessible only to the few in the 80s, but today, it is accessible to all of us! If you belong to the category of people who love premium products and high quality at the best prices, KLIK is the ideal destination for you!

Every man should know ways to elevate his personal style and bring out his charm and elegance, through colors, patterns and textures that reflect his personality in essence. KLIK has taken on this role for its customers, managing to offer them a complete outfit characterized by top quality through the signature of top brands.

Top brands at best prices

Top brands at the best prices The men’s clothing store KLIK counts more than 35 years in the city of Thessaloniki, having put its own personal signature on men’s style, especially in sport and casual menswear, for every moment of the day. At KLIK you will find a wide variety of men’s shoes and clothes from leading brands.

It is a modern, contemporary place, where you can find complete collections of men’s clothing, shoes and accessories, which aims to make the purchase of quality products accessible to everyone.

In KLIK store you will find a great variety of signature brands, such as: TIMBERLAND – SEBAGO – FRAU – GEOX – POLBOT – STONEFLY – OXFORD – DANIELHECHTER – CARRERA – FYNCHATTON – SUPERGA – FLORSHEIM.

Top service

In KLIK store you will have the opportunity to enjoy and earn advices of its team, who are experts in men’s clothing and style and will give you valuable stylistic advice, in order to help you choose the right clothes and shoes for you. They will be your companions on the magical journey of men’s fashion and guide you to the ideal outfit for your personality and type.

KLIK’s service is equally excellent in its online form, as its e-shop is fully functional and easy to use, while shipments are made as soon as possible.

KLIK’s philosophy is that we should not be taken away by fashion, but decide for ourselves what we are, what we want to express in the way we dress and the way we live. That is why it offers us timeless, modern, but also more special pieces, “embracing” every aspect of men’s style.