Making your dream come true is not an easy task, but when you achieve it, it is a sure success. This is how it happened with Koukida Fun-Seafood in the area of the Castles, in the enchanting area of Ano Poli. There, the dream of a young chef, Savvas Tsoraklidis, took over the well-known “Koukida” from its previous owner and turned it into his professional dream…

The tavern, which first operated two years ago, passed into the hands of Savvas about half a year ago, to be transformed into a modern gastro-café, with Greek, creative cuisine, which respects tradition and smells like… mom.

Earthy dishes, familiar with a fresh air, have come to excite all those who love good food, but also those who want a nice hangout where they can, early on, enjoy a good coffee with a view or, a little later, refined appetizers in the company of tsipouro, frozen beer or whatever else cheers them up.

Affordable luxury that fits in the middle

At Koukida Fun-Seafood one will enjoy an affordable luxury, with culinary dishes, sitting on a wooden chair, listening to nice music with folk songs playing the lead.

The dishes stand out for their creativity, they are not dishes you will find anywhere, but at the same time they are familiar and the taste they leave you with at the end has something from mom and grandmother, from childhood and beloved memories.

Savva’s approach to his kitchen may be different, but the result is always familiar. Many times he simplifies or even removes cooking techniques in order to maintain the authenticity of his dishes. The recipes change as needed… They do not alienate, nor unnecessarily confuse flavors with each other. A key element of a table at “Koukida” is that ideally all the dishes are placed in the middle for the enjoyment of the whole group.

Fish and seafood in the foreground

Undoubtedly the star at “Koukida” is fish and seafood. Not that you won’t find excellent choices in meat, but as Savva’s origin is from Nea Fokea, his relationship with the sea could only be close and the influences from his mother’s and grandmother’s cooking important.

As a modern cook, he loves old traditional recipes and likes to modify them with fish.

So, on the menu you will find unusual cod kebabs or aromatic fricassee with sea bream and shrimps. Stuffed courgettes are made with shrimp, rice and herbs and an excellent egg-lemon tarama.

On the menu, of course, you will also find two of the signature dishes of the old Koukida, such as the smoked mackerel in a baguette with mesclun and Dijon sauce and the shrimp barley with truffle oil.

There are always new, delicious additions with dishes of the day worth trying and of course fresh fish daily, mostly small, but also larger.

Among the appetizers, we singled out the mushroom fricassee and the baked eggplant with feta bechamel.

But if you decide to choose something in meat, the honeyed pancetta with triple fried potatoes and smoked tirokafteri is a must-choice.

Let’s say here that the Koukida team has its own smokehouse and smokes the meats and everything else they are inspired to offer you, such as the tirokafteri feta which makes it unique.

Every week you will find something different in smoked meat and it is worth trying.

Appetizers from Volos and handmade sweets

As we said at the beginning, you can visit “Koukida” early, for coffee and appetizers. Small plates have a prominent place in this place. Inspired by the small plates from Volos, as soon as you give the… signal, small, different plates, full of flavor and memories, will “land” on the table.

Of course, this also requires good spirits and Savvas has taken care of this with an interesting cellar with premium tsipouro, tsikoudia and wines.

But the sweets at “Koukida” are not a simple matter either. The treat during this period, of fasting, is a special halva from Farsala. But there are also options in the catalog, which are constantly updated, and you can order for a unique closure.

The handmade armenoville and the profiteroles with Greek Easter bread are among the creations that have made an impression and rightly so.

As for the music that surrounds the whole beautiful package of taste, atmosphere and service, it is equally fine and fitting.

In fact, in the future plans of Savvas are also some evenings with live music, always with folk sounds.