Lemon Fashion Boutique has been in the market of Thessaloniki for 42 years, having left its own mark on women’s fashion in the city.

In one of the most central parts of the city, on Egnatia 98, this particular boutique is our sure “stop” in all our outings to the market, as there is no way we won’t find the clothes we were looking for and in fact, just like we had dreamed it.

Unique patterns that flatter the female body, a variety of designs and colors and finesse that remains unchanged throughout all these years of the store’s operation.

Unique clothes that you won’t find anywhere else

At Lemon Fashion Boutique you will find from casual pieces, which exude comfort and style, to more formal evening dresses, which are also its “specialty”.

Here, your evening wear will leave its mark wherever you are, as the clothes are of high quality, while their designs will fascinate you with their originality and elegance.

In fact, you will also find an “exclusive” line of evening wear that Lemon Fashion Boutique has made sure to have on its shelves!

At the same time, you will be the recipient of excellent service, as the entire team of the store is qualified in their subject and can help you substantially, for any question you may have, and also advise you on the clothes that best suit your body type and style, to achieve the ideal outfit.

A sense of luxury in an absolutely value for money option

Wearing Lemon Fashion Boutique’s clothes, you will feel this sense of luxury that they reflect, as they are quality and carefully selected clothes. However, you will see that the store’s prices make it a value for money option, as they range at very reasonable levels.

If you are a lover of the unique and special, Lemon Fashion Boutique will not let you down for a moment, as the clothes you will see displayed in its windows are small works of art, ready to add color and perspective to every moment of your day.

Unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else and that will dress up moments and memories in the most elegant and feminine way you’ve ever imagined.