Hot doughnuts are hard to resist, let alone those of us who especially love this delicious traditional sweet from our childhood and not only, these juicy bites, bathed in syrup and honey, cinnamon and grated walnut – depending on everyone’s preferences – and they know this well at “Loukoumania”.

Mainly because its owners, Elena and Alexandros – a young couple with experience in tourism and public relations and in confectionery respectively – have doughnuts in a prominent place in their taste preferences.

Thus, they opened “Loukoumania”, as part of the branded franchise, which already had stores in various parts of Greece. And they brought it to us on October 15, 2022 in the center of Thessaloniki, at Dimitriou Gounari 24, so that we can all try their unique creations.

Yes, exactly like that. They are special. Not only because the doughnuts are still one of the most favorite flavors of all of us, but also because here, in this sweet place of Gounari, creativity ranges to other levels.

Constantly creating

A sweet story is that of the young owners, who decided to go together not only as a couple, but also in business, through something they love.

Their desire “came and bound” with the products and people of the already successful “Loukoumania” franchise and so, from Pagrati, Haidari, Koukaki, Agrinio and Ioannina, its products arrived here and found their place that suits them.

In a place where gold and black and beehive patterns prevail – what, after all, is the sweetest, most distinctive ingredient in doughnuts if not honey? – and which one can certainly perceive, from the smell.

The young owners have kept the name and the basic flavors and propositions of the business while they have a lot of freedom to add new products and their own ideas and variations.

Thus, we try doughnuts filled with profiterole cream, millefeuille doughnuts, black forest doughnuts, extreme doughnuts with bueno and salted caramel and other special combinations, which we do not find elsewhere, such as the apple pie doughnuts, which are a purely original idea of theirs.

We have already tried Christmas donuts – “loukoumakarona” and “Xmas” – and they will also prepare Easter donuts for us next.

The salty suggestions

And it’s not only that. Because, in addition to the sweet suggestions, there are also many savory and particularly tasty and inspiring ones waiting for us.

Cheddar and bacon, Philadelphia cheese with honey and walnut, Cretan graviera with honey and black sesame, are just some of the savory combinations.

Dare to ask for even the most “strange” flavor for you. It is already tested and guaranteed, since it includes, in any case, stable quality pralines and other materials, like all the company’s basic products.

In the extra products of our “own Loukoumania” you will always find tasty “Buondi” coffees, from the “Arabicca Smooth” blend and selected ice cream flavors.