Maiami has been without a doubt one of the top restaurants in Thessaloniki for decades, without losing its glamor over the years.

His story mentally begins in Smyrna, the birthplace of Dimitris Mamais and his family, who arrived in Kalamaria Thessaloniki after the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922. After his arrival in Greece, he was to meet his wife, Georgia, from the village of Kassandrino in Halkidiki, with whom he lived for his entire life.

Mr. Mamais was then granted the area opposite today’s Maiami, which he converted into a cafe and a short time later, he expanded it opposite, next to the beach for bathers.

After the war, in 1945 the restaurant was officially opened under the name “Mikra”, dedicated to the memories of the beloved Asia Minor. One night, at a dinner that Dimitris Mamais had with a general from the allied troops, the latter jokingly told him that “if next to the restaurant is Florida Camp (today’s shopping center), then this is Miami!”. This is how the decision was made to rename and create today’s Maiami.

A high society meeting point

Since then, Maiami has been a restaurant for high society, while since 1995 it has been the meeting place for high-ranking figures of the country’s political life.

In 2012, the 4th generation of owners took over the reins of the restaurant, putting their own touch, according to the norms of the time.

Dina and Gogo Tertsi and Dimitris Mamais are now the people who ensure that Maiami is firmly at the top of our preferences for our culinary wanderings.

Maiami’s new “era” respects and loves the glorious past, yet its eyes are always on the future. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult ventures in the field of catering and business in general – to manage to stay on top over time. This is what Maiami has achieved, through a highly successful rebranding, having in its quiver the hard work, the experience and of course the love for the object.

Creative cuisine based on Greek flavors

As Dina Tertsi told us “in Maiami we have a bond with the sea. Now, we have redefined the culinary identity of the restaurant, with creative recipes based on Greek cuisine, while we focused on cooked fish, but also on coldcuts. However, our “roots” also remain on the menu, through recipes from Smyrna”.

The headchef of the restaurant is the highly talented Sofia Teftsi, who constantly delights the patrons with her culinary inspirations.

A complete experience for all the senses

With the magic of the sea and the idyllic sunset as a background, the experience you will experience in Maiami is one of the strongest on the gastronomic map of Thessaloniki and beyond.

Fish “reigns” on the menu and your options are many and incomparable to anything else you have tasted so far.

We recommend the shi drum fricassee with a crust of aromatics and egg-lemon sauce, the grilled cod accompanied by mashed potatoes flavored with garlic and lemon oil with lemon powder, but also the salmon fillet with a crispy crust of aromatics, ginger and parmesan accompanied by mashed eggplant.

Among the most popular options are the sea bass stuffed with salmon, aromatics and celeriac puree, the crayfish tartare with yellow watermelon, the linguine with quinces, the Maiami salad with red and white cabbage, carrot peels, Florina pepper, fresh onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and feta mousse, but also the traditional tarama, which has been on the menu since the first day of the restaurant’s operation.

In Maiami you will find a variety of seafood pasta, such as Mafaldine carbonara with seafood, scallops, octopus, mussels and bacon powder and the spicy seafood paella, with octopus, squid, mussels, prawns and colorful peppers.

On the menu of Maiami you will see wine labels from Greek vineyards, with native varieties, but also refined labels from abroad, with fascinating flavors.

Your dessert can be traditional semolina halva or your choice from the dessert display cart among individual or family choices.

The conference aspect and the charity action

Beyond its culinary appeal, Maiami also pioneers the conference identity of the city. At the same time, it has a great impact on tourism, both inside the country and abroad, while numerous corporate and social events take place in its premises.

At the same time, it also has a large charitable activity, as it organizes fund-raising events of the non-profit organization “Make a Wish”, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Maiami is a restaurant that, despite its glorious past, doesn’t dwell on it. On the contrary, it evolves and survives the passage of time, having its eye on the future, with vision, timelessness and perpetual culinary searches…