“Mamalouka”, which opened its doors in November 2019 in Thessaloniki and in the summer of 2020 in Halkidiki, is not just another meeting point for culinary and not only entertainment, but a brand that, from what everything shows, constantly and consistently wins the appreciation of his audience and visitors.

The philosophy of “Mamalouka” is one: to provide the ideal entertainment environment, with meals that are a culinary experience and are based on traditional Greek flavors in a more modern version, accompanied by good and modern Greek music of the last decades, through the Dj’s selections.

Their slogan from the beginning “Food for the soul” even if it sounded special in the first steps of “Mamalouka”, it became a reality over time and today it is probably the top destination in the city when you want to combine gustatory and mental pleasure at the same time!

Traditional flavors, made modern

The menu of “Mamalouka” on Ionos Dragoumi Street in Thessaloniki, is mainly based on meat, but without missing the selected always fresh fish as well as the special creative suggestions of seafood dishes.

Simple flavors, such as his pumpkin meatballs, based on the original traditional recipe, made in a way that you will never forget, grandma’s meatballs, as we are used to them – without too much oil, however – so they are easier to digest, the special dish “White Tower “, mutton pancetta and giouvetsi with veal rib, which is also one of their specialties, with a unique dish performance.

At “Mamalouka”, the simplicity of traditional Greek cuisine is transformed into high gastronomy, based on pure ingredients, selected one by one.

Each dish is dedicated to the cuisine with which we grew up and is a comforting choice, in a place that, due to its special location, since it is in the center overlooking the sea, right next to the Port and Ladadika, comes to “tie them together » everything, harmoniously.

Crete has also given its influences to the menu, through the Sfakian pie with sour myzithra and thyme honey and the fried potato, with corn and egg.

The fresh handmade bread, baked in the wood oven, offered to the customers from the beginning of the dinner, another delicacy on the tables.

Everyone fits here

A complex of recipes, covering many parts of Greece, is available either in the menu or in the form of dishes of the day and you have the ideal conditions to enjoy the most delicious and refined.

This is also the success of “Mamalouka”, after all, that it has managed to win over every visitor, be it groups of friends, couples, students, artists or even well-known people of the city.

Everyone fits in here, everyone has fun in their own way and finds the ideal place to relieve the tension of everyday life. A brand that aims to create an entertainment for everyone, where everyone fits in and everyone expresses themselves uniquely, in a welcoming space, with decoration inspired by the architecture of Mount Athos, enriched with boho details, such as built-in sofas, handmade lamps and the monastic tables and the open oven, which bakes traditional pies every day.

“Wine gladdens the heart”

A glass of white wine always belongs at your table at “Mamalouka” in the summer and is the ideal combination with its culinary proposals. Its taste is unsurpassed, its aroma is seductive and its aftertaste leaves a feeling of pleasure.

Here, they also make sure to sweeten your every moment in a unique way, with desserts such as their impressive armenoville, with almond meringue and chocolate harmoniously combined, tempting your palate. At “Mamalouka” in Ionos Dragoumi you will also find events, such as cooking with pop up Chefs.

We choose it for its professionalism and its philosophy, which includes them all and which has managed to create a unique spot among the most loved in Thessaloniki.