Clothing and accessories of high quality and aesthetics, knowledge in styling and deep love for women. This is how we would describe Mamoi Style Hub, although words are not enough, as what it actually offers is a complete experience, full of emotions, imagination and creativity.

You will find it on one of the most stylish streets of Thessaloniki, on 42 Proxenou Koromila street. So, on this street that has written and is still writing history in the fashion of the city, Mamoi Style Hub has been, since September 2023, a new integral link with its unique refinement. A women’s clothing and accessories store whose philosophy is based on achieving the best possible image of every woman.

The “soul” of Mamoi

The “soul” of Mamoi Style Hub is Argyro Pontikou, a woman full of passion for fashion. She is not just an entrepreneur, but an expert in her field, as she has been trained through her studies in design and styling.

Since 2019, she has been making her dream come true, managing to gain the trust of women and building a strong relationship with them. She is the type of person who will stop a beautiful woman on the street and express her admiration, because her love for beauty it comes from within. She is truly a delight to listen to when talking about fashion and styling.

As she says, a good look is able to make a woman’s whole mood, which is extremely important, because, if you think about it a little deeper, it is the “magic” in our everyday life.

Unique elegant options that add refinement and style

Reflecting, therefore, her entire philosophy in the Mamoi Style Hub, Argyro has created a store where she not only offers excellent quality clothes and accessories, but also unique advice and ideas regarding the styling of every woman.

In the store, you can see the best selections of each season gathered together, combinations that you had not imagined, while maintaining your own personal style.

Dresses that hug the body, trousers that highlight the silhouette, jackets that give a more masculine chic air while maintaining a feminine aura, accessories that complete each outfit, with their own elegant touch – all carefully selected just for you.

Quality fabrics, suitable cuts, stylish colors and designs, weave an external appearance that overflows with refinement and give elements even to our personality, which “speak” to every person we have in front of us. But mostly, they make us feel beautiful and confident. Because confidence is not a feeling, but a choice – even that of clothes.

With the help of Argyro Pontikou and her team (her partners, as she says and this is also important) you will experience a real “girly” experience, full of warm and friendly approach, which will make you sworn fans of Mamoi Style Hub. And be sure that you will see your wardrobe in a different way, more elegant, fun and wonderful!