The Gastrobar “Mangiare” opened on Mitropoleos Street in October 2019, bringing Italian culture to the heart of Thessaloniki.

By referring to a place that offers high quality meals, Mangiare fully adheres to its philosophy, thanks also to its owners’ love for the Italian way of life and food. And it has been embraced by people, who find something different here.

“Mangiare” is not a classic restaurant, but a place that offers authentic Italian recipes, based on local ingredients and with dough from Southern Italy in its pizzas.

Cold cuts, cheeses and pasta based on Italian gastronomic culture, risottos and salads based on pure Greek products, are combined and cooked on site, bringing the flavor of Italy to the center of Thessaloniki.

All tastes of Italy on the menu

Here the day can start early, with a hot espresso or a cappuccino and a rich breakfast menu with omelettes, scrambled eggs and ciabatta sandwiches.

The kitchen opens at 13.00, when all the recipes on the menu begin to be cooked, with the main ones being the classic Italian recipes, hot pizzas and delicious pasta.

The salads follow the logic of the rest of the menu, based on classic recipes and always with seasonal ingredients, while this is one of the few places in Thessaloniki, where sweet pizzas and calzones are daily options of the well-prepared menu – they serve excellent Chioccolato Oreo pizza, with hazelnut praline, Oreo cookie and icing sugar or similar suggestions, with fruit and other pralines.

Depending on the time of year, the recipes and suggestions of “Mangiare” change and from its impressive oven, all the classic options in pizza, pasta and calzone come to the tables, with some more special suggestions also included in the menu, while prosciutto and Italian cheeses such as gorgonzola or mozzarella, stand out in various dishes, hot and cold.

Wine list, signature cocktails, sangrias and aperitives

Each dish will find on the wine list the wine that suits it, with labels from Greek and Italian estates, while the signature creations in cocktails, sangrias and gastrobar aperitives stand out, from “Summer in Greece” or rosé, white or red sangria, to the ‘Ionian G&T’ or the ‘Mona Liza’.

“Mangiare” is an ideal place, where the best flavors of Italian cuisine are offered, combined with selected Greek products and suggestions, which can only be tried here!

Tip: Reservations at “Mangiare” are recommended, especially on weekends.