It is a common secret that you go to Ladadika for its cobbled narrow streets, for the hustle and bustle and the nice aura of the area, the historical and neoclassical preserved buildings with the ornate facades, but then, the restaurants of the area will definitely tempt you.

The dust of time did not cover this neighborhood of gastronomy and entertainment.

If you are looking for good appetizers and good wine, there are always safe destinations that foodies have discovered after many walks.

Marathos is for us a point of reference in the region because we are always sure of enjoyment, whatever we try.

With appetizers and merriment, every time is a celebration

One of our favorites is always Marathos, which has hosted our large groups quite a few times.

The name of the tavern comes from the vegetable “fennel” (in greek “marathos”), which can be cooked, made into a salad, while its seed is used to make tsipouro.

Always guided by good food and the right raw materials, with a focus on traditional Greek cuisine, Marathos serves you the most delicious appetizers you can taste.

In the kitchen, there will be a parade of special dishes with a commitment to tradition.

Sea bream fillet stuffed with chicory and lemon fava beans, fennel meatballs with yogurt and mint, trachanoto with shrimps and ouzo and dozens of other options for either seafood or meat.

Its aura is reminiscent of old Thessaloniki

The vintage sign, wooden floor, chic cafe chairs and ornate ceiling insist on maintaining its authenticity.

Without having that opulent feel of the old diners in the decor, it’s definitely a place that gives off that vintage aesthetic but with a modern twist.

And the fun that often flares up, makes the place unique with its aura reminiscent of the good old days.

We felt the aroma of the city’s history awakening our sense of smell from the first time, mixed with smells from the spices and vegetables being simmered to end up on our plates!