Marrone is a modern proposal of haute cuisine in the east of Thessaloniki, which has already managed to gather lovers of quality food from all sides of the city, becoming now a favorite meeting point for the region. You will find it on Sofouli Street – one of the most beautiful and historic streets of Kalamaria.

Its creators are Pantelis Kafes and Spyros Vallas, well-known personalities in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece, through their successful football journey over a number of years. Together they decided in 2020 to create a high standard restaurant, which will offer quality and creative options in both meat and fish, a “bet” that they finally won. Marrone’s culinary creations are overseen by the extremely talented chef Konstantinos Slampakis, guided by his excellent know-how and love for his profession.

A wonderful place with unique flavors

At Marrone, wood and earthy colors dominate, while light floods the space, as the store’s large windows give it that exquisite edge. A space with excellent aesthetics and special design that wins impressions from the first moment.

Its cuisine is characterized as comfort and Mediterranean. It is dominated by the Greek tradition, with modern touches and versions with many dishes considered truly “works of art”.

We could say that this particular restaurant has two “speeds”, as it offers a multitude of options both in meat with excellent creations and premium cuts – from the handmade trachana with beef cheeks and truffle to the T-Bonesteak USA Black Angus Prime – and in seafood , with the best that the sea provides every season, from fresh fish to squid tagliata with tarama and potato salad, Aegean tuna tartar with sesame oil, lime juice, ginger and chili and fagri with fresh citrus fruits and fruit dressing. These are just some of the strong culinary touches of a catalog with numerous proposals in meat, seafood, risotto, barley and pasta, which each time gives you the opportunity, depending on the season and mood, to choose different creations that promise to satisfy you completely .

The quality of its raw materials is one of the key ingredients of its success, while Greek, fresh products hold the reins. The talent of its chef is essentially the connecting link, as it highlights all their flavors and aromas, in the most creative way.

At Marrone you will also find an updated, highly impressive winelist, with labels from famous vineyards from Greece and abroad. Whichever choice you make, be sure that it will perfectly accompany your dish, as the pairing here is… art.

The service you will experience at Marrone is characterized by professionalism and excellent service standards. The suggestions of Marrone’s team will surprise you, as they are highly targeted and personalized, making them an ideal ally in the dining experience you will experience.

With tasty creations of high standards and prices that make it completely affordable, Marrone gives its own breath to one of the most beautiful areas of the city, but also puts its own culinary signature.

Marrone de Milos

Marrone restaurants are an ambassador of quality Mediterranean cuisine in Greece, emphasizing the top quality ingredients, the culinary mastery of Konstantinos Slampakis and authentic Greek hospitality. As a natural continuation of this great course, the De Milos restaurant “partners” this year with Marrone, creating Marrone de Milos, on the enchanting island of Milos, in the Pollonia region. A real culinary destination for this summer!