With “secret” simple recipes and pure flavors, the seafood restaurant “Mavri Thalassa” (which means Black Sea) on Nikolaou Plastira Street, in Kalamaria, has opened its sails in this particular spot since 2013 and since then has won over the real lovers of fish and seafood, who know that here, whatever they try, will be truly unique.

Like a galley in the kitchen of which the most delicious dishes in their category are cooked, in the whole city of Thessaloniki, this fine dining restaurant focuses on the truly excellent cooking and presentation of its menu proposals and invites even the most demanding to try what it has to propose.

The history of the restaurant ” Mavri Thalassa” begins in 1926, with the founder of the grandfather of the Tokidis family, “Barba Savvas” and his tavern in Kato Toumba area. Years of experience, excellent raw material and high quality service, have led to the development of the business into a high standard restaurant focused exclusively on seafood cuisine, multi-awarded and ideal if one wants a real dining experience.

Alexandros Tokidis, Chef at the restaurant  “Mavri Thalassa” since 1984, known as Alekos and with a passion for cooking that he has had since childhood, has since taken care of your every meal that, both in terms of presentation and of course in terms of taste , is always excellent.

A “Seafood Gastronomy” experience

With a view of the sea of ​​Kalamaria, directly across from the beach of Aretsou, in a space carefully designed with architecture based on wood in the interior and exterior, a complete “Seafood Gastronomy” experience awaits you.

Definitely try the restaurant’s clams and mussels, a dish you will remember for a long time. Each shell is like a small meal in itself, with just the right amount of lemon and tantalizing your senses.

Their taramas, handmade and plain, without bread or potato, full and satisfying, the crab a miniature delicacy, the carpaccio here, perhaps one of the first to appear in Thessaloniki, a unique taste experience.

Sea bream from the Thermaikos sea in four different versions – grilled, steamed, fried or carpaccio, fish, shrimp or crayfish tartar, lobster salad, mussels in their shells, roe, sea urchin, grilled Atlantic scallops, all prepared with extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon salt of excellent quality and selected pepper, from Greek producers and suppliers, are among the excellent choices in the catalog.

There is no shortage of classic options in appetizers, such as yalantzi dolmades, tzatziki or tyrokafteri or a variety of Greek cheeses, which goes perfectly with their wine list.

Among the large fish, you will find from fagri or sable, sea bream or sea bass, to scorpion or crucian carp and it is definitely worth trying the pasta with shrimp, crayfish or lobster and of course the “Mavri Thalassa” fish soup.

The cellar

As a specialized, other “class” restaurant, with an open kitchen, comfortable space and excellent service, “Mavri Thalassa” and its crew are experts in the seafood menu and therefore, they have also taken care of the corresponding wine menu. The cellar includes plenty of labels of wines from Greek and not only vineyards, from whites, reds and rosés, to champagnes and sparkling wines that go perfectly with everything you order from the menu. From 13.8.2022, another 100 new labels of international vineyards, selected especially for the restaurant menu, will be introduced to the cellar.

You will also find dessert wines, cognacs, various drinks, grappa, ouzo and tsipouro, Greek retsina and beers.

The desserts

At “Mavri Thalassa”, even dessert is a special experience. Based on the philosophy that wants sweets without sugar, but with coconut paste, but also in the effort to make serving the dessert a ritual at your table, the people of the restaurant have introduced the “deconstructed baklava”, a proposal that you must definitely try , with that particular dessert set in front of you, literally.

Light pistachio cream, caramelized crust leaves, pistachio praline, chopped caramelized baklava and spice syrup, make up the “Mavri Thalassa’s” proposal for the classic Istanbul baklava, while you can also choose between lemon or chocolate tart, an exotic sweet, ivory rose and seasonal fruit salad.

Visit “Mavri Thalassa” at the first opportunity. A special presentation of tasty seafood dishes welcomes you on the coastal road of Kalamaria, which you will hardly find anywhere else in the city of Thessaloniki. And before you go, visit the restaurant’s new Tik Tok page. This is a real educational experience!