Entering “Mia Feta”, one is gently overwhelmed by the special smells of the place, which are not limited only to dairy products par excellence, but also to all the ingredients that accompany them, either in their packaging, or in the dishes that are served on the tables.

The store, located in one of the most central parts of the city, on Pavlou Mela Street, is unique in its kind and now well-known in the city of Thessaloniki for its great expertise in the field of the most traditional dairy products, but also many “experimental” products which the owners present regularly, both directly in the windows and through the tastings they hold on site.

It is the result of their many years of experience in the field of cheese-making, a real “feta bar”, where special combinations of their products are proposed, with quality products from other Greek producers and fine wines and spirits, and rightly so, it has acquired its audience over the years.

The Kourella family hails from Grevena, they have been actively producing their delicious feta since 1960 as a pioneer in organic dairy production and “Mia Feta” has opened in 2013 as the ultimate tasting room of the family’s cheeses, from the award-winning organic feta with whole pieces of wild truffle from Grevena – a truly innovative product – to the fresh organic strained yogurt with honey, nuts and dried fruits.

The shop is small but comprehensive, always comfortable and welcoming, with the large wooden board in the center inviting everyone to delicious tastings, starring the “feta bites”, perhaps the most famous snack of the shop, internationally awarded for its innovation.

In addition to the Kourella family’s organic dairy products, which come to you directly from their farm – fresh organic milk, organic strained and traditional yogurt, feta of course, sour milk and a full range of Greek cheeses and innovative cheese products – you will find handmade pies such as nettle pies or cheese pies with flour of their choice, omelettes and cold sandwiches and also a selected range of quality products and characterized local products of other Greek producers.

Wines, coffees, cold cuts, handmade pies and herbs, come to bind harmoniously with the main item of the store, cheeses, in unique combinations.

«Mia Feta’s» special menu

Here, in the open kitchen that operates in the shop’s loft, forgotten traditional flavors are revived and enriched with imagination, through high-level cooking and above all at really affordable prices, on a menu with many varieties of cheese – raw, baked or cooked in various ways – which come out in exclusive recipes, based on the products you will find for purchase in the store.

The humble petura, the well-known noodles, bound with cottage cheese and served with the family’s truffled feta, are highlighted in “Mia Feta” in a more gourmet dish, with a distinct taste.

Nettle risotto with feta mousse, ravioli with feta and truffle, panna cotta with feta, bee pollen and tomato jam and the excellent raviola, stuffed with feta, mushroom, truffle and truffle oil, covered with a sophisticated butter sauce, are just some of the suggestions of “Mia Feta”.

Among the above there are also vegan suggestions of “Mia Feta”, which are quite a few.

Wine list and the cellar

The store’s cellar, where the cheeses are stored and matured, is also the storage area for the wines, until they reach your table.

The wine list, set up by the store’s Sommelier, is wide, with many proposals for products from Greek producers, as well as many wine accompaniments, which you have the opportunity to try at every tasting, such as those of P.O.P. (Product Designation of Origin) of Greek cheeses, with P.O.P. corresponding wines or meats that come directly from the family farm or farms of other producers.

We recommend acrokolion, the best Greek prosciutto, for the unique aftertaste it leaves in combination with wine, always served at the right temperature.

For cocktails, try the “Old George”, based on tsipouro or the “Metaxa Spritz” and seal the end of your meal with “Mastiha Freshness”, this excellent product is the best digestive.

Contact the people at “Mia Feta” to make a reservation for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They will be happy to serve you!

After all, you won’t find anywhere else in Thessaloniki, another place where you can try and buy all their products under one roof.

Tip: Before you go to «Mia Feta» it would be preferred to make a reservation, especially if it is Friday or the weekend.