If there is something that the “Miltos” patisseries have maintained over the years, it is the respect for each product and for their – often fanatical – customers. From the simplest, Thessaloniki’s bread roll with cream cheese or honey and tahini, to the most modern flavors, such as the mini cakes with fruit or chocolate flavors or their historic Greek sweet breads, every bite at the “Miltos” patisseries is equal to full, balanced taste and value for money product.

Since 1976, when Miltos Vangelis opened the first store in the Martiou area until today, “Miltos” patisseries are synonymous with good sweets, offering delight to the people of Thessaloniki with a wide variety of products.

In 1999, the construction of the factory unit was carried out, where today all the production departments are housed, and in 2017, the first e-shop with catering services and patisserie products was opened. Today the company consists of 10 modern stores in Central and Eastern Thessaloniki, with unique tasty patisserie items, puff pastries, ice creams, syrup-soaked sweets and a multitude of sweet and savory options, while employing a total of 180 people.

It has received three awards (Ermis Award – Bronze 2021, Social Media Awards – Bronze 2021, Health & Safety Awards – Gold 2022) and continues faithful to its philosophy, which is firmly based on healthy growth, dedication to quality and the best possible customer service , but also in investments in state-of-the-art machinery, with the aim of saving energy and with environmentally friendly practices.

Greek sweet breads and cakes and a variety of sweets

Greek sweet breads and cakes, made with passion, are prepared in the “Miltos” patisserie with traditional homemade recipes and with pure raw materials such as fresh milk and butter, eggs, extra virgin olive oil.

Classic or more special in taste, cakes and Greek sweet breads, integral parts of the taste culture of the Greeks, are here the ideal proposal for breakfast, snack, afternoon meal and of course to enjoy with your coffee.

The pastry making at “Miltos” is classic, with flavors that evoke childhood memories every moment. Profiteroles, timeless pastries (almond nougatine, mocha, chocolate), tarts, millefeuilles and all the classic sweets, such as truffles, roux or chocolate soufflé and of course syrup-soaked sweets and ice cream, are included in the large list of products of the “Miltos” patisseries, which you can find them all year round and they cover every taste need.

Over 40 types of pastries are created every day in their workshops, capable of satisfying all appetites, while, in addition to the classic flavors, new proposals based on chocolate, cream and seasonal fruits are constantly emerging.

“Miltos” patisseries are also famous for their cakes which, whether they are simple, children’s or 3D, always follow a consistent course of quality.

Sandwiches and lunches of the day

At “Miltos” patisseries you will find a selection of small sandwiches, baguettes, tortillas and bagels, recipes made with great care and of excellent quality, healthy ingredients, ideal for any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner, which also include vegan suggestions, like falafel.

Everything is prepared daily, with homemade care and fresh ingredients of the highest quality, with new breakfast and food flavors for every moment of the day constantly being added.

In addition to suggestions for breakfast and for every hour of the day, you will find daily fresh, cool, healthy and satisfying salads, from Greek salad to chicken salad and surimi, which can be your main meal or a side dish meal.

Traditional sarmadakia are on a permanent basis on the menu, along with many stews and vegetables cooked in an olive oil-based sauce and suggestions for meat or seafood. See the menu of the week, here.

“Miltos” stores are known to entire generations. The wide variety of their products and the quality that the company has maintained all these decades in everything they offer is what makes them timeless and the reason why, for us, they are among the best in town, with every flavor being guarantee, for every age and every moment of the day.

Tip 1: The e-shop of “Miltos” patisseries makes deliveries to Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. You can also pick up all the products directly from the store, via take away and of course you can enjoy them in the excellently designed space inside the stores.

Tip 2: The company has also been active for 22 years in the field of mass catering, undertaking any type of events, providing all the necessary equipment and having experienced and specialized staff, who take care to give each occasion the image it deserves.

The “Miltos” patisseries corporate video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o61_cEqd4uc.