Monte Napoleone has one of the leading menswear stores in Thessaloniki, having even expanded its reputation abroad, due to the high quality of its products and uniqueness.

Its history begins in 1989, when it entered menswear in the wholesale sector, supplying selected stores throughout Greece and Cyprus with ties, cufflinks and high-quality menswear accessories. As its owner, Michalis Pavlou, told us, “there was and still is a love affair with ties”.

Mr. Pavlou, having charted a different course until then in the field of journalism, made a turn in his career, deciding to dedicate himself to his said love.

Since 2008 Monte Napoleone enriches itself with other products, such as jackets, shirts and bags, creating a complete collection perfectly combined with each other, knowing the acclaim of the market, due to the top quality and extremely careful work in each of its products.  A little later, Mr. Pavlou decided to take another big step in the field of business, by entering the field of retail sales as well and he opened its flagship store in retail, the Flagship Store of Monte Napoleone, the store on Karolou Dil-Tsimiski, in heart of Thessaloniki.

A branda full of love and passion for men’s style. A hymn to detail.

The people of Thessaloniki have loved the Monte Napoleone brand, as it is clear that its clothes are a deposit of all the experience, love and passion for menswear. In the store you will find complete clothing collections, in a smart casual style, inextricably linked and perfectly combined.

In the Monte Napoleone store you will admire a complete men’s smart casual collection that dresses every demanding clothing need. In its collection you will find a huge collection of ties, the exquisitely designed jackets and shirts, the well-tailored and perfectly fitting trousers, the elegant knitwear and of course the handmade footwear collection. Everything is well thought out down to the last detail.

The uniqueness of her clothes is undeniable, as imagination and creativity are captured in the most unexpected way. Among other things, you should notice the inside placket of Monte Napoleone trousers and you will find original, clever and humorous “messages”, such as “welcome” and “enter your pin”, which make them unique and very special…

Excellent service

Monte Napoleone does not leave anything to chance, which is why it has an enviable service in its store, with four renowned executives, who have a deep knowledge of men’s style and will recommend the ideal pieces, according to your clothing needs, the physique, style, but also your mood.

In the Monte Napoleone store, men’s clothing stops being a “standard” process, but is interspersed with notes of creation, imagination, innovation and unparalleled style, making it one of the most beloved brands in Thessaloniki.