NAK Shoes was founded in 1966 with its first store, in Agia Sophia Square in Thessaloniki. Today, it maintains 20 retail stores selling shoes and leather accessories – 11 in Athens and 9 in Thessaloniki – and employs more than 200 employees.

The NAK brand name has managed to establish itself in the market and its consumers as the name with the highest quality products, the greatest variety and the ability to serve every need, of every age.

It is worth noting that the company’s Social Media and Community stands out both in numbers and in distinctions and awards, managing to establish a loyal relationship of trust between the brand and the consumer public that chooses it.

Deep knowledge and love for fashion

NAK’s management team is made up of people who know in depth the field of fashion, are qualified in the manufacture of shoes, for the entire range of the product – materials, technologies, manufacturing specifications, design – and for this reason, the company stands out for its quality, the vanguard of developments, but also design.

The multi-product character of NAK Shoes is certified by the 200 brands and 3,000 products that consumers can find on the shelves of its stores. Among them stand out the private label products that combine high quality at competitive prices and cover 60% of the company’s products.

Some of the best-selling brands of the company are Steve Madden (USA), Ecco (Denmark) and Valleverde (Italy), with consumers preferring them over time, offering them elegant style, but also authentic quality.

NAK stores have a women’s, men’s and children’s collection, while their wide range can cover every age and every need, being a “one-stop shoe shopping” for everyone!

NAK Shoes is the only brand in Greece with physical stores and a successful online store – – that combines quality with such a wide variety, serving every need for every age. Consumers can only find this combination at NAK Shoes!

NAK Shoes remains true to its values since 1966 and continues to offer high quality products and services. However, the world is changing, the fashion world is changing and we are changing with them, which is why the company has focused on sustainability and on less or no harmful construction materials for the planet, as part of its environmental policy.