We would liken Nassos Couture to that inspired colorful touch that elevates a painting on a black background, which manages to enchant you the moment you look at it with its aura, allure and charm.

The soul of this atelier is Nasos Andreopoulos, a designer from Thessaloniki, with a long and admirable career in the field of fashion.

The professional path of Nasos Andreopoulos began in a somewhat unorthodox way, with studies in Economics at AUTH, due to the well-known “burning desire” of parents in general for scientific studies. However, he himself knew from a young age that his heart beats for fashion, which is why immediately after graduation he went to Paris and studied at the famous at the time ES MODE school, where many big names in fashion passed through.

At the beginning of the 1990s he returned to Athens and continued his studies at the Veloudakis school, while he immediately stood out for his talent, as a result of which he designed for major fashion houses, with the final stop being “Capod’ Opera”, which was at the top in the middle of the golden decade of fashion – the 1990s.

There he gets to know all the top models of the time, and dresses famous women in Greece and abroad, such as Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone. In fact, the dress he created for Stone, a stunning sequined leopard maxi, was worn by the actress at the 1995 Oscars.

Life experiences that deeply engrave his soul, generously offering him emotions and dreamlike moments. One of those moments was the meeting he had with Sophia Loren, an experience we had the honor of telling us: “On a catwalk, Sophia Loren took my hand and said: “You have intelligent eyes. So you also have a smart mind.” I was looking at her and my legs were shaking. Then she leans into my ear and says: “Remember that careers are built by saying no.” This is definitely a moment I will never forget.”

The creation of the atelier

In 2000, he returns to Thessaloniki and decides to reflect the experiences he has lived, in his own atelier, with his sister, Argyro Andreopoulou, as his companion throughout his journey. Their bond has remained strong all these years, with Mr. Andreopoulos even telling us that if his sister wasn’t by his side, he doesn’t know what he would do.

Armed with his galloping imagination and deep knowledge of clothing, he creates outfits that stand apart from anything else you’ve seen – and you know at first glance that it’s a Nassos creation. Thus, he created a Pret a Porter collection, with sales throughout Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and England, and at the same time, the Nassos Couture clothing collection.

His clothes are not conventional, just like their creator. Nasos Andreopoulos is a demanding man, first of all from himself, a perfectionist, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about his subject, which he loved more than anything else. He loves boho and mix and match, having the effortless talent to mix them in a unique way.

A wonderful space in the center of Thessaloniki

It is no coincidence that Nassos Couture is one of the most special boutiques in Greece. And this is something that Mr. Andreopoulos himself exudes, as well as the space he created with so much love, and which he founded on his teenage dreams – dreams that came to life on the big catwalks and which now infuse style and innovation to all of us, who we admire him eternally…

In the atelier of Nassos Couture, in addition to his unique creations, you can admire the unique antiques that adorn the space, as well as the imposing paintings of Greek painters, but also a sculpture from the “heretical universe” of Antonis Kyriakoulis. All of them, of course, centered on the Woman.

At Nassos Couture every garment is a small work of art, with his atelier being the “temple” that houses the magic of his pret a porter clothes, wedding dresses, as well as haute couture dresses, made to order. Talking about the future, he confided to us that his passion for fashion has been passed on to his nephew Markos-Marios, who studied architecture, and did his thesis on the relationship between architecture and fashion.

“I believe my nephew will continue my work, he will be the future of my atelier,” he says, clearly moved and proud. A bright future, full of inspiration and beauty, we will add…