In the heart of the beautiful Ladadika region, “Negroponte” offers some of the oldest and most delicious dishes in the area, making it a spot in the city that is definitely worth – at least – a visit.

Locals and visitors to Thessaloniki find in this excellent tavern – which has written its own history for almost two decades in the Ladadika region, becoming a trademark – a warm, friendly and beautiful place, which transmits the air and philosophy that advocates in the most successful way.

Whether the stop is for ouzo or tsipouro, or if you are looking for more sophisticated flavors to go with a glass of wine, or simply for a retsina, “Negroponte” is definitely a “place”, which is here, all day and has a basic philosophy : “A moment of enjoyment is a moment of connection with life.”

If there is something that impresses in the now classic tavern of Ladadika, it is the inspiration in the preparation and decoration of even the simplest dishes and the alternation of flavors on the menu, which match perfectly with the tsipouro and the wine.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that in “Negroponte” one easily forgets to leave… or simply, does not want to!