The meaning of the word noblor reflects the person characterized by kindness, with great resistance to alteration – which is what the NOBLOR jewelry store in the heart of Thessaloniki stands for. The concept of kindness is made up of many parameters. Certainly, it’s a way of transmitting positive energy, but mostly it’s synonymous with beauty and elegance.

Jewelry for every occasion

In the showcases of NOBLOR, full of imagination and colors, you can find a variety of jewelry for every occasion in your life. From the more formal to our everyday moments, NOBLOR puts its own signature on our lives, through its unique creations.

Gold and precious stones hold the scepters, by offering their unique properties to the jewel they embrace, highlighting parts of the personality of the wearer.

At NOBLOR jewelry store, creativity and imagination are inextricably intertwined in an ever-evolving artistic journey, with inspiration coming from daily stimuli received from the environment, kindness and all the human senses, guided by simple and elegant lines.

All NOBLOR jewelry is carefully crafted from high quality materials, lots of love and respect for precious metals, but also for the environment.

Even the smallest details are carefully considered, ensuring that the materials and craftsmanship are friendly and not harmful to the environment.

Authentic service with NOBLOR’s noble signature

The service you will experience at NOBLOR is also remarkable, as its staff is qualified with the AJP of the Gemological Institute of America, generously offering you their knowledge and experience.

Unique personalized creations

At NOBLOR you can make your own piece of jewelry as you have imagined it, managing to draw all eyes on you, with the uniqueness and elegance of the final result.

The rite of engraving

In addition, at the NOBLOR jewelry store you can give your jewelry your personal touch or give a unique gift to the people you love, with the wide range of engraving options – a service specially designed to achieve a personalized result.

Jewelry repairs, by specially trained staff

The people of NOBLOR pay attention to detail, but also to solutions, offering you the possibility of any type of repair, fulfilling your every desire.

“True kindness is like pure gold that never rusts”, said Victor Hugo – a phrase that perfectly “engraves” the philosophy of the NOBLOR jewelry store which never ceases to amaze us with its innovative ideas, its creativity and its essential kindness to his materials, jewelry and customers.