“Nomad Bar” is a cocktail and food bar on the beach of Perea, which offers excellent food, refreshing cocktails, as well as the option for a delightful hookah, in a large area, with a view of the sea and the sunset of the area, every day.

Having opened with a new address since last year, it is a destination for everyone, regardless of region, profession or age, and offers tasty options of dishes all day, from morning to evening.

The “Nomad Bar” is ideal for those looking to spend pleasant and quality time by the sea, already from the first days of summer, when the beaches of Perea are the most accessible and closest to the residents of Thessaloniki.

It is no coincidence that “Nomad” describes itself as a “destination bar”. In front of the sea, with seats and sunbeds for those who want to enjoy their bath and with options that start with coffee in the morning and close with signature cocktails in the evening, with many options for brunch, lunch with a variety of snacks and accompaniments for the evening drink , it is easy to charm anyone, who will start even with it as their exclusive destination.

Cold and hot drinks

At “Nomad” the day can start delightfully with the unique, aromatic, gourmet Hausbrandt coffee and continue with light meals and excellent suggestions, for noon or evening.

Of the drinks, the smoothies definitely stand out, which you can try throughout the day. With combinations of fruits, vegetables, chocolate, spices and seeds, whether you order them plain or as a side dish with one of the meals on the menu, they will cool you down and provide you with the best energy for your day.

In addition to coffee, in the selection of drinks you will also find chocolates in various flavors, from plain to buena or black forest, bitter aztec or even sugar free, as well as many flavors in tea.

Brunch, lunch or dinner?

Try, for breakfast or brunch, the “Nomad Signature Pancakes” with merenda, handmade white chocolate praline, OREO cookie and lila pause – how can anyone resist them? – the bao baguette with semolina cream, pistachios, powdered sugar and cinnamon rice and the Nomad croissant, with Metsobone cheese, handmade red pepper pesto, rocket leaves, fresh chicken and handmade olive soil.

Among the savory options for breakfast and not only, the scrambled egg burger, the French omelette with bacon, parmesan cream and mushroom powder, the traditional kayanas or strapatsada, with handmade tomato sauce, feta cheese and basil oil.

The healthy options on the menu include, of course, the healthy bowl with strained yogurt mousse, peanut butter, tahini with cocoa and honey, granola and cranberries, chia seeds, cinnamon and seasonal fruits and the vegan sandwich.

In the salads, cool Caesar’s and other tasty combinations, such as the Nomad salad with penne or the one with cherry tomatoes and carob nut, perfectly complement your main choices. The latter include potato gnocchi flavored with lime and handmade truffle cream, to crispy chicken fillets.

From there, the options expand to burger, bao bun and club sandwich flavors. Try the bao bun crispy chicken, the Club Sandwith Nomad XXL or the chicken buttermilk burger with a brioche bun and fried chicken marinated in sour milk, as well as the truffle burger with a 100% ground beef patty and truffle mayonnaise and enjoy them, literally by the sea.

Signature cocktails by the sea

For dine in, take away or delivery, “Nomad” is definitely a must stop. Especially when the sun goes down, a cocktail will ensure the rejuvenation you need after a hot summer day! The list of signature cocktails has just been set up and delightful evenings await you.

Enjoy the cocktails of “Nomad”, in the company of a hookah, with a view of the sea.
The “Nomad” without a doubt, it is the ideal place to combine your drink with a hookah of excellent quality and in fact, in many flavors to choose the one you prefer to accompany your night out…

“Nomad Bar” is an oasis that offers the ideal combination of good food, drinks and atmosphere. Besides, as its people say: “Life is a journey and every traveler needs a place to rest and recharge his batteries”. And they invite us to continue the journey with them!