Rich Asian gastronomy and culture, an open kitchen and order to cook meals, is the triptych that makes “Noodle Bar” stand out, on the canvas of Asian cuisine shops in Thessaloniki.

A wide range of south-east Asian culinary suggestions, including dishes from China, Japan, Thailand – about 110 codes – a minimal and simple design, based on the philosophy that here the most important is the food and creations that are always prepared upon request, they create the right conditions for a quality experience that will make everyone want to come back again and again.

The owners of “Noodle Bar” have managed to prepare the meals in a way in order to be friendly to the customers of the shop who, by the way, are used more in Mediterranean cuisine and culture. It is no coincidence, as “Noodle Bar” was the first shop to appear in the Asian gastronomy of Thessaloniki and its experience over the years is great.

The place is decorated in a way that its guests focus mainly on food and communication and on what brings them closer and this is also one of the basic principles of “Noodle Bar”, which applies to each of the eight franchise stores that exist in Greece (besides Thessaloniki, there are stores in Athens and Crete, while a new store is soon to be opened in Cyprus).

Menu’s specialties

The Noodle Bar” of – now beautifully pedestrianized Stratigou Kallaris street – is perhaps, due to its age, the best-known hangout of Asian cuisine in the city. The main specialty is the noodles with a sweet chilly and cashew sauce, a dish known as the “No. 53” on the menu – made in the traditional Asian style in the wok – which are also the flagship of the restaurant (it was also the one that first presented, as a franchise, this particular dish in 2002, in Athens).

The hand-made sushi stands out by far – little bites made by hand on a daily basis, while the most exquisite dishes include flavors such as Peking duck, Szechuan chicken or beef and sweet and sour chicken and classic hand-made appetizers such as spring rolls, nigiri or chicken wings, all made with fresh materials.

Soft and rich, its bao bans are definitely among the suggestions that you should definitely try on a visit to the “Noodle Bar”, while all his sweets are also handmade, such as the truly delicious chocolate rolls.

The “Noodle Bar” is suitable for dine in and take away, while its very strong point is its delivery, which reaches as far as Panorama. It’s open from morning until late at night and offers authentic Asian flavors and a taste journey to Southeast Asia that is worth every bite!

Tip: The restaurant doesn’t accept reservations.