The fish restaurant “Odyssey” opened its doors in the autumn of 2019 in Neo Ryssio and since then it has been one of the most important places for good fish and seafood, on the road that leads to Halkidiki and also to and from the “Macedonia” airport.

Having, when it first opened, taken the baton from the until then well-known seafood restaurant “Paradise”, the fish tavern “Odyssey”,  now under a new ownership, continues with great success the already existing tradition of seafood in the area.

For any kind of table

Fine raw materials and a range of tasty and well-cooked fish and seafood, as well as options of fresh Greek meat, for those who prefer it, are offered daily on the store’s menu, covering every need and every type of meal.

A meeting point for family meals, business tables, receptions, but also a place to attract artists or travelers moving to and from Thessaloniki airport, it has established itself in its space as one of the most ideal places to enjoy the most representative dishes from the traditional Greek cuisine, based on simple and light recipes and fresh ingredients, that come daily from Ichthyoskala of Michaniona and the city’s Vegetable Market.

Traditional, good cuisine

At “Odyssey” people give their best every day to ensure fresh ingredients and the best quality and this is the main concern of their venture and their philosophy.

Here, we will enjoy traditional, good cuisine. The ouzo mezes and the seafood platter definitely stands out, with the store turning into an ideal destination for every enthusiast every day!

A wide variety of fresh fish at very good prices, small fried, such as atherina, bream or grouper, delicious octopus or grilled squid, crispy fried squid and delicious potatoes, zucchini fried in their time without unnecessary oil, light and really delicious,  are the plates that we will find on the menu. Among the seafood, the shrimp pasta stands out, with fresh tomato sauce and basil.

For those who prefer meat, all the classic options are included, such as chicken fillet, skewers or burgers, but also tomahawk steak and a mix of grill meats , which like the rest of the recommendations , are excellently accompanied by the fresh, cool salads, which arrive at the table in satisfying portions.

Wines and spirits

The cellar in “Odyssey” includes all kinds of tsipoura – they have a very nice local – and ouzο, excellent white and red wines and selected resins. In any case, we always find the perfect  wine or spirit to accompany our meal, whether it is one of the varieties of seafood or meat, or simple appetizers.

The wide menu and the distance of the “Odyssey” fish tavern from the airport, the city center, Halkidiki and all the surrounding areas, make the store an ideal destination literally for everyone. Whether it is about residents of the area who can  find their daily fresh fish there , either for those traveling to any destination, or for those who want an escape from the city and can enjoy good seafood, just a few kilometers away.

The shop is always spotlessly clean, the staff extremely polite and the service impeccable, with “Odyssey” being, by far, the best choice for fresh fish and snacks in the wider area of ​​Thermi municipality!