Having vision, mood, ambition and talent, Dimitris Antikatzidis created his own men’s clothing store that represents him, with an air of advanced fashion and unique and special pieces given by the avant garde trend.

Through his many years of experience in the field of commerce, being himself a fashion icon and fashion lover and with frequent visits to European fashion shows with big brands, he created his own boutique in 2007 on the island of Mykonos.

The success with the customers and the very good reviews helped the common vision of D.Antikatzidis and his partners, resulting in a vertical evolution and development in the field of fashion and then the creation of Ostria Boutique Thessaloniki.

The store team is made up of talented people, with a unique style, extensive experience in the field, strict taste, who upgrade the style in clothing with their creative imagination.

The philosophy

The philosophy and style of Ostria Boutique stores is expressed by pioneering and innovative collections from abroad, basically in a black and white palette, with special and distinct pieces that give an urban style.

We would say that what makes the Ostria Boutique stores stand out – apart from the high quality of their products – is the great experience of its people and the very strong and organized team, with constant updates on the new fashion trends, as they visit a multitude of fashion shows and runways all over Europe, giving their best with attitude and honesty for the ideal result.

At Ostria Boutique stores, men’s style goes to another level. You will find a wide variety of pants and t-shirts from the most classic lines, such as chinos, but also the most sophisticated avant garde collections. Among our most favorite pieces are the monochrome oversized, longline, with special lines, cuts and seams, as only the Ostria Boutique team knows how to choose! Unique accessories and perfumes, details that complete the style could not be missing from the suggestions of Ostria Boutique.

The e-shop

In 2021, Ostria Boutique “opened its borders” by creating its online store and welcoming everyone who loves style and fashion, with a unique vision to be an influence in online shopping as well by hosting the most modern trends in men’s fashion from all over the world.

The online store offers worldwide shipping and is constantly renewing its collections, with each item selected with great care by the owner himself, always based on quality and finesse.