On Stratigou Kallari street, a breath away from the sea, very close to the White Tower, you will find a street food with all the classic options, which stands out for the elegance of its space, its view and the suggestions of its catalog, “Oyiros of Thermaikos”.

With a name that has been made to be read correctly and easily by visitors of the city – but, finally, here is someone who thought of it! – it guarantees meals like those you will find in many other parts of Thessaloniki, with a view that is really… refreshing and ideal for summer.

Nikis Avenue literally separates “Oyiros of Thermaikos” from the beach promenade and the shop is located on the beautiful, green street of Kallari, which especially in the summer is one of the best options for going out to eat.

Green salads, delicious appetizers and black angus burgers

We really liked and were refreshed by the green salad, with citrus sauce, juicy and delicious, while the “Oyiros” salad also stands out, with a wealth of ingredients – including green apple, pomegranate and pomegranate balsamic.

It is worth trying, among the appetizers, the honeyed feta cheese, with a crusty sheet, sesame and honey, the grilled halloumi with onion, tomato and balsamic, the lahmajoun with minced beef, parsley, sumac onion and lemon.

From the burgers, you should definitely try the “Oyiros Burger”, with black angus burger, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, bacon and truffle sauce, and the same for “Black Burger”, with black caseri, tomato and lolo rosso. In any case, the burgers come with fries and smoked mayonnaise sauce.

All meats come in sandwiches – bread, pita, etc. – and portions. However, your options do not stop here. If you want something lighter, but still with your favorite meat, we recommend the tortillas, while an intermediate option is the club sandwich.

Premium cuts and vegan options

Rib Eye, Picanha, veal fillet and veal pancetta each with its accompaniment, are among the premium options of “Oyiros of Thermaikos”.

There are also vegan options, such as the vegan burger, with a vegetable burger, tomato, lettuce, pleurotus mushrooms and avocado.

Depending on the season at “Oyiros of Thermaikos” you will also find fasting suggestions, such as the falafel burger with hummus sauce, falafel burger, tomato and lettuce, the Mediterranean vegetable kebab in a tortilla, the zucchini burger or the fish burger or the fried calamari in seafood.

One thing is certain: Whatever you order here, whether for a meal in its stylish space, for take away, or for home delivery, you will have a special experience!