A visit to Paradosiako to enjoy some of its delicious salty or sweet, cold or hot delicacies is a tradition that lasts for many years!

The history of Paradosiako begins in 1957 in Panorama and continues with steady steps until today with 6 stores in Thessaloniki, one store in Athens and another store in Cyprus, based on its values, which it always makes sure to serve faithfully.

Paradosiako’s menu, based on the art of bougatsa, from handmade sheets and village pies, but also with great creativity in delicious cold sandwiches with its own breads and healthy meals, mixes home-made flavors and techniques, with new suggestions and inspiration from the modern Mediterranean diet.

Do you want salty tastes? Cold sandwiches, with carefully selected meats and Greek cheeses, fresh salads, healthy snacks with vegetables, pasta, legumes, quinoa and well-cooked proteins!

Do you want sweet tastes? There are many options – donut cakes, chocolate pie and muffins, but also traditional cream and rice milk.

And don’t forget Scrocchiarella & Peignirli for a hot snack that fills you with the flavor of the fluffy freshly baked dough and the yummy ingredients. Accompany with fresh natural juices and homemade lemonades.

And of course we love the excellent coffee, a trademark of Paradosiako!