Passaggio is a new, fresh concept in the catering area, which has come to change the facts, with warmth and quality that offers to its customers!

Passaggio is a special place for every moment of the day, created in 2011 to offer the ultimate experience to those who want to enjoy their favorite coffee, drink, snack or food in a wonderful environment that combines in an elaborate way relaxation with vibrancy, the old with new, the high quality with affordable price.

This unique place was loved from the first moment and after ten years of successful course in Athens, from 2021 onwards it “conquered” the demanding public of Thessaloniki, with its “headquarters” on one of the most historic streets of the city, Pavlou Mela. His ultimate goal? The “spread” of the Passaggio family in northern Greece!

Passaggio’s principles are reflected in passion, honesty, respect, renewal, innovation, reward and optimism, all with a common recipient – its customers. This is how it has managed to be permanently in the first place of the preferences of the modern consumer, faithfully serving their needs for high quality products, competitive prices, impeccable service, tasteful environment and friendly atmosphere.

Coffee with Passaggio’s own blend

Passaggio’s coffee is in a category by itself, as it has its own blend and there is no way it won’t enchant lovers of authentic, rich in smells and aromas, coffee.

The brunch experts

At Passaggio, brunch is a perfectly orchestrated ritual, with top quality raw materials, subversive as well as classic combinations, which promise us a complete dining experience. All you have to do is enjoy it with all your senses in its wonderfully cozy space, both inside and outside the store.

It is noteworthy that at Passaggio you will find a very wide variety of meals for every moment of the day. Indicatively, in its neat showcases you will see 25 cold sandwich codes that will surely meet your preferences.

When night falls, the kitchen “transforms” and offers us more gourmet tastes, such as the delicious carpaccio, accompanied by a cocktail or your favorite drink.

Passagio’s team aims to raise the bar in the catering industry through a continuous effort to provide excellent products and innovative services and to be a reference point and an example to follow through its honest and humane business practices that fundamentally respect customers and society in general.

But above all, it wants to always be the most enjoyable part of our every day – and this one has certainly achieved it.